It’s becoming more and more obvious that Batman: Arkham City will be offering a sizable and enjoyable experience when it’s released next week. But in case glowing reviews aren’t enough to convince fans of Batman that the game will offer something for everybody, the latest gameplay video is sure to help. We’ve seen and heard about the various downloadable costumes and skins that will be available in Arkham City, but now the first gameplay video of the 1970’s blue and grey Batman costume has made its way online. The combat may be brutal and devastating, but the costume is as campy as ever.

The video shows off the one of the Combat Maps entitled ‘Blind Justice,’ pitting Batman against wave after wave of enemies and awarding points for dispatching them in chains of combos. Batman’s combat is familiar to anyone who played through Arkham Asylum, but you might be surprised at just how different the action feels when painted with the blue and yellow brush of Batman’s 1970’s comic style.

We know that there are plenty more costumes coming, so hopefully each one will have a similar effect on the look and feel of Arkham City. With Rocksteady Studios having confirmed that all of the different costumes will be playable in the campaign, we can’t help but wonder how different each player’s experience will feel given the different versions of Batman offered.

But before we let our imaginations run wild, take a look at the gameplay video, scrounged up by the Bat-fanatics at The classic look of Bats may seem laughable at first, but dont be fooled – his punches are as hard as ever:


We have to hand it to the developers, since many of us had our doubts about how well the less-realistic and more fantastic costumes would fit into the darker world of Arkham City. But seeing the 1970’s skin in action, it’s obvious that while the costume is a great departure from the default, it still works.

Since we know that Batman won’t be the only one with new costumes, we can’t wait to see how well the others work in the actual flow of the game. Particularly the old and grizzled Dark Knight Returns skin, or the cartoonish Batman: The Animated Series versions. We have our doubts about the completely outlandish Sinestro Corps Batsuit, but this video is more than enough to get us interested.

What do you think about the 1970’s Batsuit in action? Does it seem a little too silly for you, or are the onslaught of memories convincing you that a vintage skin may be in order for the main story? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

Batman: Arkham City will be released October 18th for the Xbox 360 and PS3, and PC on November 8, with the 1970’s costume available through pre-ordering from Toys ‘R Us.

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