For this year’s Xbox Live Summer of Arcade, Bastion was the main event and it was received with much fanfare (check our review of Bastion). Late last month we gave you word that Bastion will be coming to the PC before the end of the year. Well, it now looks like PC gamers will be able to get their hands on this popular XBLA title sooner than expected.

Bastion represents the first title from Supergiant Games and it made its debut on XBLA on July 20th . PC owners will be able to join in on the fun on August 15th when the title launches on Steam for $14.99. In fact, gamers can pre-purchase the title on Steam right now, so what are you waiting for?  Do it.

Bastion is known for its vibrant, hand-painted environments and solid action RPG gameplay. The game is also known for its unique narrator, who dictates the actions of The Kid as he attempts to restore his world after it’s ravaged by the Calamity.

Supergiant Games have added a few special touches to the PC version of Bastion: 1080p support – to show off that amazing artwork – and customizable controls, including gamepad support. The PC version is DRM free and Steamworks enabled with cloud saving, leaderboards and achievements. Bastion will be made available for other PC digital distribution platforms later this year.

For those who are into game music, the Bastion soundtrack is available now for download for the price of $10. Fans of physical media can also get a CD of the soundtrack which comes in a special Green Wallet pack with original artwork form Jen Zee for $15. Not a bad deal for quality music and artwork.

Those who don’t own an Xbox 360 are highly encouraged to pick up this title. Unfortunately, there is still no news on a PSN release for Bastion. The guys over at Supergiant Games are focused on creating quality ports of Bastion and are dedicating their resources to one version at a time. Before it didn’t seem like there were plans to bring it to PS3, but with the quick release of the PC version, perhaps this means they will be quick to jump on a PSN port. Maybe it will be part of next year’s PlayStation PLAY promotion?

Bastion is available now for XBLA and will be available on Steam August 15th. Will you be downloading Bastion when its released for PC?

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Source: Supergiant Games