New Bastion Trailer

In case there are a few of you who have yet to hear about one of the biggest surprises of this year’s E3, Bastion, now is the chance to find out about the next downloadable title that people will be talking about. The first project from the newly formed Supergiant Games brings new gaming sensibilities to some of the most beloved conventions in industry history, and the launch trailer for what may be the star of Xbox Live’s Summer of Arcade shows that a simple brawler doesn’t have to be shallow.

We were more than impresed after spending some time with Bastion at E3 2011, naming it one of the best titles being shown, and among the most coveted downloadable titles offered this summer. Now with only a week until release, the launch trailer for the gameĀ is providing a few hints at the various role-playing elements packed into the game.

You may have already heard about Bastion‘s art design, inspired music, or one-of-a-kind narration, but it seems that we’ve barely scratched the surface on what the game has to offer.

Check out the launch trailer now:

It’s no surprise that the developers are keeping the plot details about ‘The Kid’ and the world-shattering ‘Calamity’ under wraps until players get to experience the story themselves, but to be honest, there seems to be more depth than even we had suspected. From potions to shrines, the nostalgic aesthetic of Bastion’s isometric, old-school gameplay seems to be at odds with the amount of customization available.

We had already decided the game would be a stand-out title amidst the Summer of Arcade offerings, but this trailer just reinforces our opinion. Exactly how all of the systems will work together, and whether they can continue the trend of mixing old with new will be something we discover when the downloadable season kicks off.

Will you be picking up Bastion next week? Or are you anticipating another Summer of Arcade title even more? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

Bastion will be released exclusively for the Xbox 360 via Xbox Live on July 20, 2011.