CD Projekt Red Teases 'BARD: Savior of Queens'

CD Projekt Red Reveals Next Game Is Better Bards Tale

The developer behind The Witcher 2 has already announced what it's next title is going to be and if you thought The Witcher 2 pushed some boundaries, then this game is going to blow you away.

As an April Fool's joke, CD Projekt Red teased that their next project is THE BARD: Savior of Queens.

While not a whole lot of information was provided about THE BARD: Savior of Queens, the developer indicated that the new protagonist would be a master of espionage - tasked with gathering information on neighboring kingdoms. His story seems to begin when he's double crossed while working on a big operation.

Our first glimpse at the faux-title is a pleasure to behold featuring bards, women, betrayal, and maybe even the use of a mandolin as a weapon.


It's obviously an April Fool's joke based off The Witcher 2, but the joke doesn't stop with just the video. The game has its own website and CD Projekt Red has even created a developer diary for the title - which explains everything you need to know about the production.


The two week development time is a step up from their last April Fool's joke which was given a development time of just one week. That game was allegedly a portable game named The Witcher: Mysterious Secrets.

For your amusement we've included the accompanying press release below.

CD Projekt RED is proud to announce its next game - THE BARD: Saviors of Queens. Surprisingly, this previously unannounced title will focus on adventures of an undisclosed poet whose name is yet to be determined. Following recent video game trends the title will offer a very short story. Almost no gameplay whatsoever and as much as twenty launch DLCs, including a special pink banjo (normally obtainable by finishing a game) and a unicorn mount, will have you stuck in front of your computer screen for minutes. The game is scheduled for release when it’s done allowing plenty of room for speculation but isn’t that what fans love the most?

Please visit to feast your eyes on the brand new announcement trailer and first installment in SoQ Dev Diary series. Less details to be released soon.

While its just an April Fool's joke, it would still be nice to see a comedic spin-off like this one created for the fans - as an additional DLC chapter to The Witcher 2 once its released. The bard is after all a class that just doesn't seem to get the love it deserves in video games. At the very least today's joke has shown-off The Witcher 2's incredible graphics.

For those wondering, the Polish at the end of the first trailer is translated to, "the fridge broke ... again." This is a reference to the dev diary for The Witcher: Mysterious Secrets where, at the end, Gop is told that the fridge has broken.

Do you agree that this would make fun DLC for CD Projekt Red's next game or should they just stick to making content that follows the main plot of The Witcher 2?


The Witcher 2 will make your eyes cry tears of joy when it brings its amazing visuals to the PC on May 17, 2011.

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