'Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury' Coming To XBLA, Trailer Released

Bangaio HD Missle Fury Trailer

D3Publisher is aptly publishing Treasure's Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury for the Xbox Live Arcade platform in Spring 2011, and to celebrate they have just released a trailer for the game.

The action and ridiculous amount of missiles on display are on par with Bangai-O's previous two releases, which date back to the days of Nintendo 64. This version will have over 100 levels and a level editor with the ability to share these built levels online. The game also boasts co-op play. The publisher states that Bangai-O is a perfect fit for any twin-stick shooter or puzzle game lover.

Treasure's had a long history of wonderful games. The most recent release outside of Japan was Sin & Punishment 2 for the Wii, which Game Rant wrote a hands-on preview about last year. Like a lot of Treasure games, its difficulty seemed off-putting for the previewer, but he walked away realizing he enjoyed the thrilling experience overall.

Bangai-O HD looks like a equally thrilling arena shooter experience. For those that prefer a more traditional arcade shooter experience, Radiant Silvergun (the spiritual prequel to Ikaruga) is also set for an HD XBLA release this year. With the resurgence of popularity for multiplayer beat-em ups, Treasure's Guardian Heroes is also ripe for a remake or sequel.

Take a look at the first trailer for Bangai-O HD: Missle Fury.


It may behoove the developer or publisher to release a tutorial of sorts to explain the methods behind the wonderful chaos demonstrated in the trailer, if either wishes for the game to reach a larger audience. The puzzle elements aren't as boldly stated in the video as the shooter elements. Though punishing with its other bullet hell games, Treasure provides a life bar for players in Bangai-O to ease the level of frustration. The key to survival seems to be counterattacking the intense enemy fire.

Bangai-O HD was available for play at PAX Prime. Here's to hoping it makes an appearance at PAX East!

Are you looking forward to Bangai-O HD? Do you think it will be any easier than Treasure's other shooters?

Bangai-O HD: Missle Fury is expected to release this Spring on the Xbox Live Arcade.

Source: GamerBytes [via Kotaku]

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