Bandai Namco has a number of high profile video game releases on the horizon, including Dragon Ball FighterZ, the Dark Souls-inspired Code Vein, and Ace Combat 07, among others. Yesterday, the publisher began teasing yet another new project with a cryptic teaser trailer for something called Projekt1514.

Projekt1514 is likely the codename for the game Bandai Namco is teasing with the new trailer, as opposed to its official title. The trailer itself features shots of a dilapidated, seemingly abandoned city, with the sound of gunfire heard in the background. After showing viewers this apparent war zone, the trailer ends with a logo for the game, but no inclination of when fans will learn more about it, what genre it is, or even what platforms it be available for when it launches.

As for when Projekt1514 will be available, that’s just as much a mystery as everything else about the game at this point. Really the only substantial piece of information that the teaser trailer offers is that the game, whatever it is, is being developed by Dimps. Dimps, for the uninitiated, is a studio best known for making fighting games like Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, for example.

Even with the involvement of Dimps, it’s still hard to say what Projekt1514 could possibly be based on the teaser trailer alone. It’s highly unlikely that the game is yet another Dragon Ball title, especially with a Switch port of Xenoverse 2 and the brand new Dragon Ball FighterZ on the horizon. Right now, it seems as though the most likely scenario is that the game is a brand new IP, though there is one other potential game that comes to mind.

Based on the look of the city in the teaser trailer, it’s possible that Projekt1514 is a sequel to the PlayStation Vita action-RPG Freedom Wars that was released by Dimps a few years back. Having said that, Sony owns the rights to the Freedom Wars IP, and Sony’s name is nowhere to be found in the trailer, so the similar art styles could just be a coincidence.

Whatever Projekt1514 is, it will be interesting to learn more about it. Unfortunately, we have no idea when that could be, as Bandai Namco has simply said that fans should “stay tuned for more info.”

Projekt1514 is in development for unspecified platforms.