'Baldur's Gate' Website Suggests New Title in the Works

Baldur's Gate Site Appears

Though, over the years, the RPG genre may have evolved that doesn't mean fans won't continue to clamor for franchises that brought that game type to the forefront. Among those properties that gamers everywhere have been looking to see reborn in one form or another is Baldur's Gate, the popular Dungeons and Dragons-based game from the now hugely popular developer BioWare.

It may not be anything at this point, but a website has appeared online that features the original Baldur's Gate logo, along with some cryptic text. Quick to know more about the site, a few gamers have cracked into its source code and discovered some very interesting things. Based on some sleuthing on the part of Baldur's Gate fans, and an understanding of the property's history, the current rumor going around is that Baldur's Gate is gearing up for a reboot.

The rumor, as of right now, has yet to be confirmed, but based on some findings within the source code of the sight it seems like a Baldur's Gate sequel/reboot is in the works. The source code message in question makes mention of the resurrection of the Infinity Engine, the same engine that the original Baldur's Gate ran on back in the late 90s.

Early fan assumption was that this website was in some way connected to the Baldur's Gate II Complete Edition that is set to release later this year on Steam, but that rumor was put to rest by Beamdog's Trent Oster who said:

"We're not related to the Steam complete edition, I can tell you that much. Other than that, we're hoping to announce something soon."

As video game properties go, Baldur's Gate has to occupy a certain nostalgic space for a large population of gamers, making it a perfect fit for a reboot or reimagining of any fashion. The tepid reception to recent Baldur's Gate "clones" like Lord of the Rings: War in the North (which ironically was created by Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance developer Snowblind) may scare off developers, but there's still enough interest in the property to see something done with it.

We may not know much about the project at this point in time, but if Oster and his team have it their way, we should know what exactly this website is for very soon. Here's to hoping a new Baldur's Gate is in our future.

Are you ready to see the return of Baldur's Gate? How would you like to see the property updated for today's gamer?

Source: Game Banshee, Baldur's Gate

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