'Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition' Devs Hope To Make 'Baldur's Gate 3'

Baldur's Gate 3

Last week, Overhaul Games announced that it is developing enhanced editions of Baldur's Gate and its sequel. The news got quite a positive response, and no wonder -- the Baldur's Gate games are among the most beloved PC RPGs ever.

Still, as welcome as updated editions of the classic games are, plenty of players would love nothing more than an all new Baldur's Gate adventure, squarely in the mold of the original titles. Overhaul Games shares the sentiment, and if things go according to plan, Baldur's Gate 3 may just become a reality.

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition and Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition won't be mere ports of the PC originals. The team at Overhaul Games is adding new content and characters to both games, which certainly sounds like a great way to get up to speed on crafting an all new title -- especially since members of the original Baldur's Gate development team are involved.

Speaking with GameSpy, Overhaul Games' Cameron Tofer reveals that the team has long hoped for the chance to develop Baldur's Gate 3.

"Baldur's Gate 3 has been our long term goal. We have a lot of things to put in place before such a project can be launched. So currently there is no such project but that's the one we want to do. Our thoughts have been that Enhanced Edition for BG 1 and 2 just make sense before there's any Baldur's Gate 3."

Needless to say, developing an all new game is not an inexpensive proposition, particularly for a small studio like Overhaul.

"We're totally thinking Kickstarter. It just makes so much sense and solves so many problems. I think what Brian [Fargo] is doing with Wasteland is very interesting."

Topher is referring to the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter, which has so far raised $1,386,429 toward the development of a sequel to 1988's Wasteland. The huge success of Double Fine's Adventure Game Kickstarter must be an inspiration, as well.

Still, before any headway can be made on Baldur's Gate 3, Overhaul needs to finish work on the enhanced editions of the first two games. With BioWare busy supporting Star Wars: The Old Republic, dealing with the fallout over Mass Effect 3's ending, and gearing up for the next Dragon Age project, could Overhaul be the studio that finally makes Baldur's Gate 3 happen? What do you think?

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition is due this Summer for PC. No release window has been identified for Baldurs Gate II: Enhanced Edition.


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Source: GameSpy

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