Angry Birds has dominated the mobile gaming market since its release in 2009, and its place within pop culture has only been cemented after the ridiculously popular franchise reached over 1 billion downloads. Yes, slingshotting spherical birds at pigs with lethal intent has become one of the world’s favorite pastimes, and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon. What Rovio does hope to change, however, is the perspective of Angry Birds connoisseurs, and they’ll be doing just that with a new spin-off titled Bad Piggies.

As you may have been able to guess, Bad Piggies will put gamers in control of the green-colored swines this time around, as they presumably seek vengeance on the foul fowls for slaughtering countless of their bacon-filled buddies. Gamers have wanted to jump into the driver seats as the lovable antagonists since those pesky birds first burst onto the scene, and now they’ll finally be able to do it.

The spin-off is said to change up the traditional gameplay, and it’ll do that by completely removing the infamous slingshot. That info alone makes it obvious that this is much more than just disgruntled pigs swapping places with those iconic angry birds. Of course, the trailer failed to reveal much about the game, so we can’t even be sure just what type of gameplay awaits eager fans. Regardless, it’ll be different from the core Angry Birds concept, and that’s enough to peak our interest.

Bad Piggies Trailer

Consumers interested in the downloadable romp won’t have to wait very long to get their hands on the game either, as it’s currently scheduled to release by the end of September on several different platforms. At the very least, Rovio should find it in their hearts to reveal some sort of informative trailer pertaining to the content found within the title prior to Bad Piggies‘ release.

Bad Piggies is set to steal countless hours of your time on September 27th for iPhone, Android, and Mac. Windows Phone, Windows 8, and PC versions will arrive shortly thereafter.

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