'Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam' Trailer Brings Back Buffalo Springfield

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam

So far little is known about Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam and you would hope that a new trailer plugging the expansion would show off some gameplay or something other than the fact that it's in Vietnam. Well, luckily EA and DICE didn't see much  point in answering questions and decided to remind you all to download the awesome song "For What It's Worth" by Buffalo Springfield.

The trailer has that classic Vietnam feel and is narrated by an unknown voice that has roughly the same amount of enthusiasm as a soldier in that war would. The game add-on looks like it will add a layer of seriousness when compared to the main game's silly, yet hilarious, characters. You can decide whether or not you agree by checking out the trailer below.


It would have been nice to see some actual gameplay of the Vietnam inspired add-on, but the trailer is okay. I guess EA is holding off on some solid details for another time, but we'll likely get more info soon. We've seen some pretty cool things from TGS and we'll likely see more. Day two is just starting so maybe we'll see something from Bad Company 2 Vietnam other than pre-rendered footage from the guys at DICE.

Vietnam seems to be all the rage after World War 2 games ran their course, even Call of Duty: Black Ops taking players into the Vietnamese jungles. It's certainly an interesting war to choose and will likely make a great add-on for Bad Company 2, and odds are that it will be even better in Black Ops, but only time will tell.

How do you guys think Bad Company 2's Vietnam add-on will turn out? Is the Vietnam war a good conflict  to tackle next?

Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam is scheduled for a Winter 2010 release, for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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