'Back to the Future' Trailer Shows Teenage Doc, Gameplay

Back to the Future Game Trailer Doc Gameplay

For some, Back to the Future is, and will likely remain an obscure 80's movie with Michael J. Fox traveling through time in a now-defunct Canadian automobile. For those who grew up with the quest of Marty McFly shaping their notions of what was cool, the wait couldn't feel longer for the launch of TellTale Games's episodic Back to the Future: The Game.

To make the wait a bit easier to bear, the developers have released a brand new trailer showing players a look at a bit more gameplay, and a few other characters. Now it seems that the only way players will be able to save Doc from imprisonment is to team up with the teenage version of the white-haired Emmett L. Brown.

The previously released trailer made it clear that Doc would be playing a major role in the first episode at least, but now the story is already becoming more complicated. Who better to write a brand new chapter in Marty and Doc's adventure than the trilogy's writer Bob Gale.

While some may have expected the game to pick up where the movies left off, or give players another dose of the movie's magic, it seems that the developers are taking the story in a completely new direction. There's no need for the die-hard fans to worry, as the trailer showcases the same sense of humor that the movies have become so well-known for.

Have a look at how trouble-making teens Marty McFly and Emmett Brown will figure into the first episode of Back to the Future:


Even in the brief look at the game, it's clear that TellTale chose the right potential story, with the game's plot taking on new ideas while still feeling familiar to fans of the trilogy's often-zany antics. It might be enough to expect an entertaining action game from the team that brought us Sam & Max, but the details on conversation mechanics and inventory may be the signs of a much deeper experience. The behind-the-scenes looks that we've had show just how committed to the original franchise the team is, which bodes well for the overall quality and fan reaction.

If you're convinced that the game is going to be worth the price, then you can head over to TellTale's site and pre-order the first episode. Doing so now will get you not only a reserved place in line when the game is released, but a free download of Puzzle Agent. In addition, TellTale Games will donate $1 to The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research for every pre-order. Two games and a donation to a good cause is not only a great deal for yourself, but a great gift idea for the holidays.

We'll find out just how crazy things get when Marty meets Emmett in the first chapter of Back to the Future: The Game, "It's About Time," released on PC, Mac, iPad, and PS3 later this month.

Source: TellTale Games

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