'Back to the Future: The Game' Trailer Includes Episodic Release Schedule

Back to the Future Teaser Trailer and Release Schedule

When it was announced that a game would be developed based on the popular Back to the Future franchise, many gamers balked at the idea. It took some convincing on the part of developer TellTale games, namely the return of Christopher Lloyd as zany Doc Brown, before gamers began to accept the idea.

Now that gamers have had a chance to look at the game it seems that they are actually looking forward to the title and for good reason. The first official teaser for the trailer packs in so much nostalgia that it's hard not to burst into a fit of giddy excitement from its first moments.

Lace up your Jordans and prepare for a blast from the past:

The trailer may not show any of the actual gameplay from the title, but what it lacks in content it makes up for in information. What can be gleaned from the trailer, besides the story information that is already known, is that Marty is heading to the year 1931 in search of the Doc.

On top of that, starting in December the game will be released in 5 bite-sized episodes -- something TellTale is very familiar with. Each of the various episodes has their own unique title and release date. Here’s a complete list:

  • December - "It's About Time"
  • February - "Get Tannen!"
  • March - "Citizen Brown"
  • April - "Double Visions"
  • Finale (Date TBD) - "Outatime"

It might not be until mid next year that we finally finish the epic time-travelling tale, but the first part is just around the corner. Certainly a game that thrives on its nostalgia factor it goes without saying that fans of the film series will pick up this game despite the limited knowledge that exists as to what type of game it is. Gamers should be anticipating a more in-depth look at the game in action before the game releases and rest assured Game Rant will be there to deliver the goods. For now, play the movies on repeat.

Where would you like to see the story for Back to the Future: The Game go? Which characters besides Marty and Doc do you hope make appearances?

Back to the Future: The Game’s first episode releases this December for PS3, PC, Mac, and iPad.

Source: Kotaku

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