'Back to the Future' Behind the Scenes Trailers

Behind the Scenes Trailers Back to the Future

If you’re a fan of the classic movies that don’t take themselves seriously and simply try to be a fun ride, then you must be a fan of Back to the Future. As far as films that are sure to bring a smile to your face every time you see them on TV go, Back to the Future has to be high on the list. When TellTale games announced they would be developing a game that furthers the story of Marty McFly and the Doc many felt that the solid developer was committing an act of blasphemy.

It's nice seeing this trailer, which shows how the game is receiving the support of many of the original trilogy’s creative team:

The story of this new game picks up six months after the events of the third movie with Marty McFly going about his life without his main partner in crime, Doc Brown. Out of nowhere the time-traveling Delorean appears and McFly sets out on another adventure to rescue the Doc.

Voice casting for the game is top notch with Christopher Lloyd reprising his role as Brown and a very amazing sound-alike providing the voice for Marty. If nothing else, there should be an element of authenticity to the game that many movie tie-ins tend to lack.

On top of that the art for the game, while a little bit on the caveman side of character design choices, has a certain sense of playfulness that reflects the way many see the movie. If you are planning on picking up the Blu-ray edition of the film (which I’m sure many of you are) TellTale has tucked in a download code for the first episode of the game. I’ve got my Nike high tops on and I’m ready to take this Delorean to 88 MPH.

Are you looking forward to the Back to the Future game after hearing some of the original cast and crew praise the idea or would you rather they had left the property alone?

Back to the Future releases sometime in Winter 2011.

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