Back to the Future Survey Reveals Potential Game Plots

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With the recent news that the Back to the Future trilogy was being given the Blu-Ray treatment, anticipation began to build for the recently announced Telltale Games episodic series. Initially, we didn't have much in the way of concrete information concerning story or gameplay styles. Now, thanks to a new survey, we've got a pretty good idea of where the series might be headed.

The survey is a pretty standard affair, asking you to fill out your gaming preferences, before focusing in on Back to the Future. The questions ask of your preferences with regards to Back to the Future, including favorite set pieces within the series, favorite characters, 'Who would you like to play as?', etc.

After several rounds of typing "Marty, Doc and Biff are all awesome. Plus, this game needs hover-boards", the survey changes direction and asks you to evaluate four different story ideas on a scale of 1-10. Having scored them, it then asks that you give your opinions on the story idea, so that you can help the designers shape the Back to the Future game into the awesome title it deserves to be.

Featured below are the story ideas, in chronological order. Take a read, and let us know what you think!

Story Possibility One

"June 18th, 1938. Young Emmet Brown is about to announce his engagement to a gold-digging young woman, turning his back on scientific pursuits forever. If Marty and Doc can't bust into the party and get a singular Jules Verne novel into his hands, Emmet will never invent the time machine, a possibility too horrible to contemplate. Maybe they can sneak in with the swing band..."

Personally, this is one of my favorites. Mixing my love of altering the past with my love of great music is something that I don't believe many games have done before, and if any game could pull it off, it would be Back to the Future. Johnny B. Goode, anyone?

Story Possibility Two

"June 11th, 1968. Weaving their way through the peace protesters outside the courthouse, Marty and Doc surreptitiously use Doc's temporal scanners to look for the missing objects scattered through time by the wreck of the Time Train. After a number of dangerous encounters with riot police and hippies, there's only one artifact left... the remnants of the train's flux capacitor... repurposed as a peace necklace, around the neck of a VERY pregnant Loraine McFly. Marty suddenly remembers that he's going to be born tomorrow..."

This is probably my least favorite of the four. Looking through time to find missing objects? I like TellTale Games for their wit and humor, not their ability at making a good collect-em-up. Zelda: Wind Waker suffered for it, and I believe Back to the Future would too. That being said, I think it would be hilarious to meet up with Marty's mother the day before he's due to be born. The amount of comedic possibility is endless!

Story Possibility Three

"May 12th, 1986. After stopping Bill Jr. from getting in a fight with his time-displaced son, Marty leaves the dance floor and sneaks into Strickland's office, looking for keys to the detention hall. He doesn't know how three teenagers from 2010 got their hands on a time travelling Delorean, but the most important thing now is getting them locked up in one place before they mess up everyone's future... assuming they haven't already..."

Now, this is definitely pretty low on the list. I don't want kids from 2010 in my Back to the Future game! I have to listen to them every day, talking about their iPods and their iPhones and their flat-screen televisions. Everybody knows nobody has more than one TV, right? I'd like TellTale to work with the characters we already know and love -- not invent any more annoying brats.

Story Possibility Four

"November 5th, 2010. Working together, Teen Marty, Doc, and Present Day Marty finally corner the man who made off with Doc's Time Train. While they argue about what to do with the well-intentioned time-hopper, a scary black police vehicle appears out of nowhere. A familiar bulky presence steps out and confronts them. 'Detective Tannen, Temporal Preservation Squadron. I'm afraid you're all under arrest...'"

This was the first I was presented with, and it's probably my favorite. Biff is now an enforcer of the law? Marty, Doc and older Marty get sent to jail? Somebody's stolen the Doc's Time Train? Sign me up! Admittedly, I never really liked 'Present-day Marty' (he's getting on a bit, now) but if we knock him out of the equation, this could be a kickass, bona fine videogame.

If you want to take the survey, and help shape the upcoming Back to the Future series, click the following link: Help decide the future of the Back to the Future videogame!

So, there you have it. Four possible stories for the upcoming Back to the Future game. Personally, I'm incredibly excited by the possibilities. I'm a huge Back to the Future fan (and I'm especially excited by all the bonus features on the upcoming Blu-Ray) and I'm a huge TellTale Games fan -- it's a match made in heaven, surely? As long as Marty gets on a skateboard and Doc Brown mutters "Great Scot!" at least once, I'll be a happy gamer.

The question is, what do you think? Which do you like most? Are you excited for what TellTale could do with the Back to the Future license? Let us know in the comments below.

TellTale Games is developing the Back to the Future series, and it will likely be released via all major download platforms sometime in 2011.

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