Awesomenauts Sheriff Lonestar Trailer

It can be very difficult for a developer to take a pre-existing genre and twist it into something completely different. Ronimo Games is no stranger to this, having taken the RTS genre and flipped it on its head, making a side-scroller out of it. Thanks to a cartoony art style and a simplified UI, Swords & Soldiers successfully brought the RTS genre into the second dimension. Now, they’re attempting to bring the action and competition of MOBAs into the same side-scrolling arena with their upcoming release, Awesomenauts.

Borrowing its core mechanics from the likes of DoTA and League Of Legends, Ronimo Games‘ next title, Awesomenauts takes the competitive spirit of the MOBA genre and aims to turn it into something that newcomers can still pick up and enjoy whilst providing hardcore players with the strategy that one would associate with the genre.

In the second installment in a series of trailers introducing the colorful characters who will be taking to the 2D battlefield of Awesomenauts, Ronimo and dtp Entertainment show off the newest sheriff in town: Sheriff Lonestar. Suffice it to say, he likes to grab life by the horns and looks to be a worthy addition to the game’s roster. Check out his trailer to see why.


Differing from the mobility of Froggy G, Lonestar instead represents one of the game’s more basic playstyles. As such, he is one of the most beginner-friendly characters and will be the perfect stepping-stone for those just learning the basics of the game. This doesn’t mean that he won’t be able to hold his own in battle though, as he has more than a few tricks up his sleeves.

As his most basic armament, Sheriff Lonestar can make use of his tiny space blaster to take down his foes. While it may not look like much, it packs quite a punch and is extremely accurate, making it a reliable go-to weapon. For those who enjoy a little less subtlety though, Lonestar can toss out lit sticks of dynamite that will make short work of anyone who dares to venture into their blast radius. He also possesses the ability to execute a double jump to get him out of any sticky situations that he may find himself in and compete with even the most agile of Awesomenauts.

Finally and most interesting of Sheriff Lonestar’s skills is his holo-bull. When unleashed, it charges across the battlefield, damaging and pushing any enemy Awesomenauts or creeps that are unlucky enough to get in its way. For the more skilled players, this opens up multiple strategic options by allowing players to push dangerous enemies away to allow for a quick escape. For the more crafty players though, the holo-bull can also be used to force your enemies into the range of one of your towers which will make short work of them.

If the hands-on demo at E3 was any indication, Awesomenauts is on its way to becoming a very strong addition to the XBLA and PSN marketplaces. With it’s unique cartoon style and a refreshing take on the popular MOBA genre, it’s not surprising that Awesomenauts was awarded Game Rant’s Best Indie Game of E3. While it may not have the status reserved for AAA releases, this is one title that gamers should keep their eyes on.

What do you think about the versatility of Lonestar’s holo-bull ability? What kind of character would you like to see introduced as DLC in the future?

Awesomenauts is set to release later this year for the XBLA and PSN.