Awesomenauts Froggy G Trailer Spotlight

Going into E3 last month, expectations were high for many of the AAA titles that would be on display, like Skyrim and Battlefield 3. Sadly, this meant that many smaller titles present at the show tended to get overlooked. Awesomenauts is one of those hidden gems.

By taking the popular competitive gaming genre of Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas and shifting it onto a 2D side=scrolling game, Ronimo Games are well on their way to making an engaging and exciting multiplayer experience – and they’re showing it off with a new trailer.

For anyone unfamiliar with the term MOBA though, the genre is best characterized by popular games such as DotA, League Of Legends and Heroes Of Newerth. Players choose a unique hero and take to the battlefield in order to work with their own team to push past the enemy’s towers and destroy their base. For a new MOBA to capture the attention of gamers though, it needs an engaging and identifiable cast of colorful characters.

While most games of the genre tend to maintain a more serious tone – to go along with their equally serious communities, Awesomenauts takes the genre in a different direction, striving for a more light-hearted vibe. This is exactly the case in the newest trailer for the game which is the first in a series of Awesomenauts Spotlights. Each of the videos aim to highlight one of the game’s heroes, giving insight into their playstyle and available moves in addition to their personality.

Check out Froggy G’s spotlight below:


Looking at the colorful, cartoon graphics, it should already be apparent that Awesomenauts revels in its unique style, deviating from MOBA norms. This also marks the first ever appearance of an amphibious, streetdancing, rapping pimp in the venerable genre. If the new trailer is any indication, Froggy G will be just as interesting to play as his resume of unique skills.

As a frog, it should come as no surprise that Froggy G will be a very mobile character, being able to charge his waterpack in order to unleash a powered jump – to soar over the competition. His skills don’t end at his mobility though. Froggy G also possesses the ability to turn himself into a spinning whirlwind of watery terror as he spins across the battlefield damaging foes. Relying more on speed though, he can also dash through his enemies, stunning them in the process while leaving them open to his final move which unleashes his Ribitian Spitfish which shoots jets of water at its foes.

If the introduction of Froggy G isn’t enough to get you excited about this unique take on the DotA formula, then the hard work that’s being put into giving the game a feel all its own should. Whether it’s the colorful aesthetics, the over-the-top sound design or the bending of the MOBA genre, a lot of care has been put into making sure that Awesomenauts stands out from the other MOBA’s on the market – and provides a unique gameplay experience.

After getting a hands-on demo of the game at E3 2011, it’s no surprise that the title earned Game Rant’s Best Indie Game of E3. This is one game that MOBA and sidescrolling action game fans alike will want to keep their eyes on.

Are you excited to see a company approaching the MOBA genre in a unique manner? What type of character would you like to see added to the game in the future?

Awesomenauts is set to release later this year for the XBLA and PSN.