Awesome PlayStation Coffee Mug is Actually Incredibly Cheap

cheap playstation mug

Playstation fans can get a rad 90s-inspired retro mug with the multi-colored PS logo printed on it for far less than what most mugs cost. The 16oz mug features an iridescent rainbow finish that will hold a Starbucks grande-sized serving of any hot liquid one might desire and will make even the most casual Playstation fan jealous. Vintage gamers can sip from the mug and fondly remember the era of hand-painted backgrounds and polygonal Lara Crofts.

PlayStation fans who absolutely must have a daily nostalgia injection with each sip of their coffee can pick up the shiny mug without having to dig too deeply into their wallets. Gamestop currently has the mug listed for a meager $6 before shipping, marked down from $10.

Nostalgia runs deep these days. Game makers are trying every trick they can to earn some cash on rehashes of their existing games. With remasters and miniature consoles flooding the markets, it makes sense that the vibe would make its way to non-gaming related paraphernalia. The PS1 era had a whole host of classic titles, so it stands to reason it has a few mega-fans.

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Plus, love for the 90s has really come to a head these past few years. Netflix recently released a new reboot of the classic Nickelodeon Cartoon Rocko’s Modern Life. Game franchises and brands like the PlayStation have fanbases that go way back that would enjoy this mug, and it can be ordered here through GameStop.

cheap playstation mug

This mug harkens back to an era where merchandise had no qualms about being shiny and gaudy. Everything in the 90s, from the music and the hair to the way people dressed and the shows people watched, had a loud presence and penchant for attitude. The oil-slick design of this mug serves as a shining reminder of a time when subtlety wasn’t in the vocabulary.

For $6, folks who played Playstation in the 90s have no excuse not to snatch up this deal before it goes away forever. Fans can fill it with coffee and sip it while they play next year's nostalgic Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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Source: Gamestop (via Gamespot)

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