10 Awesome Fortnite Cosplays That Look Just Like The Game

Fortnite, the king of battle royale, has become a bit of an icon. From its biggest fans knowing the dance emotes by heart to amazing cosplay replicas of its brightly colored and imaginative skins, everyone's familiar with Fortnite.

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Even if you're not a huge fan yourself, you'll most likely recognize some of these incredibly famous characters that have helped make Fortnite so popular. Let's have a look at 10 of the best Fortnite cosplays, created by talented and dedicated fans across the Internet and sure to inspire all of us to make our own.

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10 Drift

In summer 2018, Fortnite's map went through a huge overhaul and a bunch of new skins were also introduced to the game. One of the skins that could be evolved over time as one progressed through the season's levels was Drift.

Young cosplayer Jacob Gourdie created a stunning replica of Drift's final form, a sort of Japanese-inspired monk character in a cloak and a kitsune themed mask. We really have to praise the attention to detail here, especially when it comes to the harvester and the mask itself, both beautifully executed.

9 Triple Threat

Many of the skins that have been chosen by cosplayers are all time community favorites, such as the basketball themed Triple Threat, which everyone was eager to get when it first came out. Streamer Pokimane decided to make her own costume of this simple but absolutely adorable skin.

Everything here is spot on, especially the athletic jersey she's wearing. A clever thing here was pairing this outfit with the Nike Cortez shoes that seem to perfectly fit the general theme and essence of the skin.

8 Raptor

Although many of the female skins are generally more popular than the male ones, there are some incredible cosplays out there that guys have done as well, such as this simple yet cool Raptor skin. Reddit user SilentPillar shared a photo of his friend in his version of the Raptor out in the wilderness.

Even if this costume isn't an exact copy of the original, there's no question about what skin this is. Our favorite part has to be the gun that looks almost exactly like Fortnite's Scar and that yellow mask which isn't exactly simple to find on its own.

7 Raven

One thing that makes Fortnite so amazing is how child friendly it is. You've probably gone out during Halloween and seen young gamers wear their favorite Fortnite costumes to go trick or treating.

We really commend all the parents that are devoted to make their children's dreams come true, and one such devoted parent is Wayne from Costume Works who made this incredible replica of the Fortnite Raven skin. From the patches to the feathers and the eerie glowing eyes, everything is there for a perfectly quirky and frightening Fortnite costume.

6 Fable

Many Fortnite skins aren't just random things the designers come up with. Some are actually references to other games or movies or content, and one such skin is Fable. This skin is a clear reference to the Red Riding Hood, with Fortnite's developers putting their own little spin on it to make it appropriate for their vision of the game.

Cosplayer LittleJem was equally mesmerized by this cute, fantastical skin and made her own replica of it, with a slightly different backpack. We have to love her puppy that made it into the photo to compliment this adorable outfit!

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5 Tomatohead

Some of the references in Fortnite's skins are also towards Fortnite's own world. In this case, the all famous and popular Tomato Town was referenced when Tomatohead came out as a skin. Although it isn't exactly the cutest or most popular skin out there, it still manages to capture the essence of Fortnite.

IDestinia from Reddit shared their incredibly detailed cosplay of this iconic and playful skin. We have to love the faded and cartoonish coloring on this skin, as well as the dripping effect of cheese on the backpack. Everything is spot on here, making it perhaps one of the best, most accurate costumes on this list!

4 Valor

Valor is among the basic skins of Fortnite, and therefore highly well known. With all its details, it's not a bad skin, but perhaps a bit overused. However, cosplayer Alizorah really breathed life into the skin. She looks exactly like the superhero in her red and silver armor, down to her curly dark red hair.

The attention to detail is incredible here, our favorite being the harvester that has been carved very carefully, along with all the decorations on her armor and headpiece. Armor isn't the easiest thing to execute in cosplay, but Alizorah did an amazing job.

3 Teknique

Fortnite is famous for being able to make even the simplest of skins ideas into good-looking, iconic character outfits. Teknique is one of the first skins a beginning battle royale player will unlock in-game, and will feature s street smart looking girl with spray paint splashes on her clothes.

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If there's anyone in the world who's easily the real life incarnation of this skin, then it's cosplayer Kawaiiwaiku, who got the entire outfit covered from the harvester down to the mask dangling around her neck.

2 Zoey

Another skin all to familiar to hardcore fans is the pink and girly Zoey skin, with bright green hair and candy themed details. An obvious choice for anyone feeling a bit playful and mischievous, the skin has a bit of a mixed fame among fans. However, no one can deny that this piece by Hannah Eva is incredibly stunning in both sheer detail and the overall vibe of the costume.

Those tiny candy details on her skirt and hoodie are a well executed touch, but the real deal here is the giant lollipop harvester that looks exactly like in game.

1 Survival Specialist

Speaking of in-game items, DJ Laura Lux decided not only to recreate the all too famous Survival Specialist skin with the skull top and camo pants, but also nailed it with her own little jar of slurpie.

It's always fun to see cosplayers create items and objects from games such as health potions, and her slurpie looks a lot like the one found in Fortnite. Paired with her outfit and the traditional pickaxe harvester, she looks ready to drop and get herself a victory royale.

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