Two Trailers for New Superhero Game 'Awakened'

Phosphor Awakened Mayhem Screenshot

Superheroes have become increasingly popular. They have started to take over Hollywood, and make up a large portion of the big movies each year. Strangely enough, even with this renewed popularity, superheroes haven't had much of a breakthrough in video games.

Phosphor, a small developer, wants to change this. They are working on a customizable open-world superhero game known as Awakened, but as of now do not have a publisher.

Phosphor is comprised primarily of former Midway employees who teamed up after the demise of Midway and the cancellation of their original game, Hero. Their plan is to continue working on that game, which now goes by the name Awakened.

Phosphor has released a couple of concept trailers. This first trailer is extremely rough and almost hard to watch. The voice-over is cringe-inducing and the graphics are pretty weak, but that is not the point. Phosphor’s idea is to show off some of their concepts and create buzz for the game. It will be interesting to see how the game progresses as the developers continue to improve Awakened.


The second trailer is where the game really starts to look interesting. Imagine the television show Heroes mixed with Grand Theft Auto, along with a little indie flair. Some of the action is reminiscent of the hidden gem, Gunz the Duel, and looks fast-paced and fun. Open-world superhero games have been done before, with varying degrees of success, but this one seems to have its own style.


If Phosphor can deliver the game that these trailers seem to suggest they are making, then Awakened has the potential to be a hit. In today’s industry, it doesn’t take high end graphics or oversized development teams to be a legitimate contender. Think about Minecraft -- it has genius gameplay elements, yet lacks technically advanced graphics. In my opinion, this is the route Phosphor should take with Awakened. They should concentrate on unique features and impressive customizability, and let graphics be a secondary concern.

After all of this talk, it is hard not to think about how awesome a superhero sandbox game developed by Rockstar would be.

Hopefully, Phosphor can find a publisher for Awakened and release the title sooner than later. Until then, Game Rant will keep you updated with any new trailers or updates on the game.

What do you think of Awakened? Is its take on the open-world superhero game appealing?

Source: Destructoid

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