5 Avengers Characters Who Could Star in Square Enix's New Marvel Game


Square Enix isn't releasing many details about the Avengers Project yet, but we have some theories about which heroes will show up to help reassemble Earth's mightiest.

Last week's Avengers Project reveal definitely left fans of Square Enix and Marvel with more questions than anyone came in with. The teaser hinted that an Avengers game developed by Crystal Dynamics with help from Eidos Montreal would be the first in a new series of Marvel projects coming from Square Enix. After years of high quality Batman Arkham installments from Rocksteady, Marvel fans have been begging for some AAA Marvel-themed games and it sounds like they are about to get their wish.

The main theme of the Avengers Project teaser was #Reassemble. Comic fans are well aware that 'Avengers Assemble!' is the battle cry for the Marvel super team and that there have been many times when the team breaks up and is considered 'disassembled' in the books. With that history in mind, a popular theory has emerged that the upcoming game may actually not put the player (or players if this ends up being a multiplayer title)  in control of Cap, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, and the rest of the traditional Avengers. Instead, the original Marvel story might focus on a team of lesser known heroes attempting to reassemble the founding members who may be captured, retired, or on the run.

If this B-team theory ends up being true, we have some ideas about who may be on the roster of playable characters in Avengers Project...

6 Ms. Marvel


Kamala Khan is one of the breakout stars in the recent years of Marvel Comics. The young shapeshifting inhuman received a lot of early attention when she appeared as Marvel's first female Muslim character to headline her own book and her popularity continued to rise as fans fell in love with her young Spider-Man-esque optimism about heroics and her incredibly powerful skill set.

Ms. Marvel is already a central figure in a few of Marvel's ongoing comic series and her appeal with readers makes her a strong candidate for a playable character in the upcoming game. Her shapeshifting skill set may be difficult to translate to video games, but we've seen developers pull off similar abilities in titles like Ultimate Alliance and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

5 Nova


Along with Ms. Marvel, the newest Nova, Sam Alexander, has also been a young leader in the Avengers line up. For those unfamiliar with the character, Nova is a bit like the Green Lantern of the Marvel universe, and acts a intergalactic peacekeeper for our corner of the galaxy.

Although Nova's power set may best be taken advantage of in a solo game that leans harder into the sci-fi genre, the character could still work in a more grounded team setting. His power of flight and the ability to fire energy projectiles would make him a good ranged DPS in any group encounter. If his personality carries over from the comics, he would also make for fantastic comedic relief.

4 Hawkeye


Although Clint Barton may not get the most exciting action in the Marvel cinematic universe, Hawkeye is still a fan favorite in the comics world. Lately Kate Bishop has taken over the Hawkeye mantle after an incredibly popular team-up run of books that she and Clint shared. Many fans have argued for years that a Green Arrow or Hawkeye game needs to happen, because the characters bow and arrow wielding skill set would be such a natural transition to gameplay. After Lara Croft's use of the primitive weapon in the Tomb Raider reboot, it makes perfect sense for Crystal Dynamics to add a bit of superhero flare to the ranged fighting weapon.

3 Miss America


Most people may think of Bucky Barnes, Sharon Carter, and Falcon when trying to imagine who would be around to step in while Captain America is down for the count, but in recent comics Miss America has been the hero saving the day (she was even recently recruited by The Ultimates). Miss America, also known as America Chavez, has an incredible skill set that could easily make her the powerhouse of The Avengers while the core cast of characters is disassembled. Her super strength and flight would make her a ton of fun in terms of gameplay, but her abilities to kick open holes in reality to allow for travel through the multiverse would also make her very useful in terms of moving the plot along. Who needs the Quinjet when you can just kick open interdimensional holes, right?

2 Maria Hill/Nick Fury


With the core Avengers down for the count, someone is going to need to organize the new group of heroes and call the shots. Historically, this burden almost always falls to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Fury or Hill. Both leaders of S.H.I.E.L.D. have been responsible for forming and leading their own groups of Avengers and it seems very likely that one, or both, of them will show up in the first Avengers Project game in a similar capacity.

1 Honorable Mentions

Although they didn't make the list, both Thor (Jane Foster) and Spider-Man (Miles Morales) seem like great additions to the team. It is unlikely that the webslinger will make an appearance, though, considering there is a Spider-Man PS4 game already in development. Jane Foster would also be a ton of fun to play, but if we're assuming Thor is out for the count based on the trailer, it wouldn't make sense to have someone else with the power to wield Mjolnir show up. Based on that same logic, we also ruled out Amadeus Cho in Hulk form.

What are your theories about the Avengers Project? Who do you think the playable character or characters will be? Let us know in the comments.

There is currently no release dates for any of the games in the Avengers Project.

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