Avengers Infinity War: Is Captain Marvel Hiding In The Super Bowl Spot?


Even if football isn't your thing, there was a lot of great entertainment to soak up during the Super Bowl this year. As if the first look at Solo: A Star Wars story wasn't enough, there was also a new Avengers Infinity War TV spot to analyze. After the first few hours picking it apart frame by frame, a very exciting theory is emerging about a potential cameo...

It's no secret that Brie Larson, of Scott Pilgrim and Room fame, will soon be joining the MCU as Captain Marvel. Her feature film is still pretty far in the future, but fans have been trying to figure out if she may be introduced in this summer's Avengers flick. There is one particular still from the latest TV spot that adds some fuel to that particular fire.

Eleven seconds into the trailer there is a scene of Captain America, Black Widow, and Vision walking through a room. If you take a close look, it appears that someone else is walking directly behind Steve Rogers. Many fans think that the little bit of costume we can see in this scene matches Captain Marvel's emblem.

Take a look for yourself...


It's impossible to confirm at this point, but that is a pretty convincing piece of evidence. Both Black Panther and Spider-Man were introduced to the MCU in big team-up movies before their solo films, so it wouldn't be surprising to see Captain Marvel show up in this major event, as well. Whether it is true or not, film twitter is definitely high on this theory right now.

For reference, here's the full trailer from the Super Bowl:

Avengers Infinity War releases on May 4, 2018.

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