Rumor: Square Enix's Avengers Game Combat Details Emerge


Excitement for The Avengers is undoubtedly at an all-time high thanks to the recent theatrical release of Walt Disney Pictures and Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame, as well as Fortnite's addition of its Avengers: Endgame LTM event to celebrate the film's arrival. Of course, it's also safe to say fans are still looking forward to what Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics will be able to do with the comic book property once the publisher and developer's game based on The Avengers comes out. Speaking of which, a few recently rumored details could answer some questions about the project.

According to specifics shared in a since-deleted post on ResetEra that shared details for a supposed job listing, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics' The Avengers game is set to be a third-person action adventure title that includes "modern combat design" based on "industry trends". To be more specific, the post had asserted that The Avengers game will apparently feature melee combat, cover shooting, stealth sections, and boss fights.

Of course, since a lot of these details can't be verified in an official capacity, it's best to take any unconfirmed notion of what Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics' The Avengers game will have insofar as its combat mechanics and gameplay features are concerned with a grain of salt. After all, neither the publisher nor developer have yet to even reveal what Marvel characters will actually be playable in the forthcoming project.

Not to mention, there's still no telling when The Avengers game from Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics will be releasing, or what platforms will support the title. A recent job listing posted by Crystal Dynamics did lead some to speculate that the studio’s Avengers game could be aiming for a PS5 and next Xbox launch, but that has yet to be confirmed either.


All things considered, we will simply have to wait until Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics decide to open up even more about what's in store for its game based on The Avengers. Square Enix has confirmed an E3 2019 press conference, so perhaps that's when the company will finally provide concrete details about The Avengers game.

The Avengers is in development for unspecified platforms.

Source: Express, ResetEra

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