Rumor: Avengers Game Will Be Revealed at Google's Event

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Rumor and speculation regarding Google's GDC 2019 event on March 19 are already growing out control. Google, for its part, is continuing to feed into the attention. Yesterday the company sent out a Twitter post confirming that none other than Crystal Dynamics would be participating in Google's GDC plans, participating in a post-press conference Developer Day panel. As a consequence, speculation has risen regarding the possibility of Crystal Dynamics' Avengers game potentially being properly revealed during the Google press conference.

To be clear, the Google tweet in question doesn't overtly insinuate that Crystal Dynamics will be making an announcement at the press conference. It's exactly that kind of ambiguity regarding Google's press conference driving such rampant speculation. But it makes sense that if Crystal Dynamics is taking part in Google's developer panel following the press conference, it likely has an interest in what Google will be showing.

That Crystal Dynamics is working on a Marvel-licensed Avengers game is already officially known. Crystal Dynamics is working on the project in collaboration with Eidos Montreal, with plans to support it post-launch "for years to come." Rumors about the Avengers game have swirled for some time now, with many expecting an announcement during The Game Awards 2018 this past December that didn't come.

As exciting as an Avengers announcement would be, there's really no evidence to support the rumor beyond Crystal Dynamics' now-confirmed participation in Google's GDC plans and a feeling that the Google event will be bigger than many expect. The company could just as easily be attending the Google panel to show Tomb Raider games running on Google's Project Stream software or to have developers talking about the potential of streaming technology in general.

The excitement and confusion surrounding the Google GDC event continue to be the driving factors behind all speculation. Reports indicate that Google is planning to announce hardware for its Project Stream technology, a console of some kind, and a "new console announcement" implies an idea in the gaming audience's mind. They'll expect a flashy console with robust features, big game announcements, and exclusives. The event could be Google promising to invest in video games in a big way, but until that's official it's best to remain skeptical.

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