New Details and Gameplay Footage of Cancelled Avengers Game

Marvel Avengers

New gameplay footage and details about the cancelled THQ Avengers tie-in video game reveal first-person action, Skrull enemies, and a Secret Invasion inspired story.

A few years ago THQ filed for bankruptcy and left a lot of employees without a job and a lot of games unfinished. Many properties ended up finding a new home thanks to an asset auction, but the planned tie-in game for The Avengers film never ended up seeing the light of day. Thanks to a new batch of assets, Marvel fans are finally able to get a better idea of what the game might have looked like.

A few different leaks over the years have offered a sneak peek at the game's first-person action, character designs, and even some pre-alpha gameplay; but most details have been buried beneath the rubble of THQ. Gameplay footage that leaked in the past has all been removed and pulled down, so be sure to check out this latest insider look while it is still available. The video, from Unseen64 and DidYouKnowGaming offers some brand new details...


The first-person action adventure game would put players in the control of Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor. Players would be able to switch between players throughout the game and it looks like the first-person action really would have offered something that gamers haven't seen before in other contemporary superhero video games.

Early leaks about the game suggested that the Skrulls (a shapeshifting race of aliens) would play a role and it sounds like, had the game made it to completion, the Skrulls would have been the primary villains. This is a change of pace from the film, which featured the Chitauri, but it sounds like the game's lead writer, Brian Michael Bendis, was pulling more from his own Secret Invasion comic storyline than he was from the blockbuster film.

In addition to the core cast of Avengers, it looks like plenty of other Marvel heroes were scheduled to make an appearance. Black Widow and Hawkeye were confirmed as unlockable bonus characters and, if the game had taken off, it seems like it would have been ripe with options for DLC characters. The large cast of heroes and villains in the old Marvel Ultimate Alliance games were a huge selling point, so any Marvel game seems like it would benefit from offering players multiple playable characters.

What do you think of the footage and details? What studio do you think would make the best Avengers game? Let us know in the comments.

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