Avengers Endgame Fan Creates Cool Grand Theft Auto Edit of Scene

avengers endgame grand theft auto scene

Avengers Endgame releases on Blu-Ray and DVD in a couple of days, allowing many fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to relive the final moments of the Avengers' struggle against Thanos from the comfort of their home. Others have already dived into the various goodies associated with the digital edition, with one fan of the franchise, Redditor YourEverydayTeenager, editing a scene from Avengers Endgame to include text and dialogue from Grand Theft Auto 5. Because of the nature of this scene, this article will contain SPOILERS for those who have yet to see Endgame.

While this isn't the most obvious of crossovers, it works really within the context of the Endgame scene, which is set during Captain America and Iron Man's segment of the Time Heist. In attempting to retrieve the Tesseract from the Battle of New York (the original Avengers movie), the pair accidentally lose it to Loki, with Iron Man temporarily losing hope in the plan. This is then tied into the failed mission sequence that appears in Grand Theft Auto 5.

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Before the failure of the mission, there is text on the Endgame scene that is pulled from the same style as the aforementioned game. It describes the current goal as "pick up the Tesseract," but after Loki disappears with it, the FAILED MISSION sequence appears over the scene, stating the "Tesseract was lost." It's uncertain if the dialogue from Grand Theft Auto 5's Michael was fully intended to make it into the scene, but it adds a nice touch.

Michael can be heard saying, "That wasn't supposed to happen, was it?" as Tony Stark says, "Oh, we blew it." The timing of this Avengers Endgame x Grand Theft Auto dialogue takes the overall edit to the next step, though it's worth adding that this isn't the first video game crossover the movie has had. Many will remember that Avengers Endgame had a crossover with Fortnite in promotion of the movie's release.

That isn't all, either. Crystal Dynamics is currently working on a new Avengers video game set to be released in May 2020, with the developer recently giving Avengers fans a look at loot, ability upgrades, and customization.

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