Building up hype for a game with some well-timed teasers, leading up to the title’s full unveiling at the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, are a great way to grab the attention of gamers. That’s why it isn’t at all surprising to learn that a couple of screenshots for a new Xbox Live Arcade-exclusive motocross game have surfaced, with more details promised to arrive within the next week. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourself for Avatar Motocross Madness.

PlayXBLA posted the screenshots a few days ago, teasing that the game is a complete mystery. Unfortunately, it didn’t remain a “mystery” all that long, thanks in part to the file names of the images: AMX_Mystery_1″ and “AMX_Mystery_2.” The acronym AMX┬ástands for Avatar Motocross, and since Microsoft filed a trademark for ‘Avatar Motocross Madness‘ in early April, it’s safe to say that this wasn’t really much of a mystery at all.

Longtime PC fans may recall that Motocross Madness was actually a series that Microsoft published over a decade ago, but has been left dormant ever since 2000. To add another piece of evidence to the premise that plans are in motion to reboot the defunct franchise, the images were released on May 25th. That date just so happens to be the 12th anniversary of the release of Motocross Madness 2.

There are still some bigger questions surrounding the game’s impending reveal. Kinect functionality or even exclusivity is a strong possibility, but longtime fans of Madness probably wouldn’t be all that fond of that particular gameplay feature. Hopefully the always-entertaining crash physics remain intact in this reboot, and the same can be said for the ‘invisible slingshot’; one of the few invisible walls that players actually enjoyed running into.

Gamers won’t be waiting all that long for more info on Avatar Motocross Madness, because Microsoft’s E3 press conference will be taking place on June 4th.

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Source: PlayXBLA