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Bloodforge Review

'Bloodforge' Review

Does Climax Group's 'Bloodforge', a violence heavy hack and slash Xbox Live Arcade game with Celtic inspirations deliver a worthwhile action experience? Read our review.

Game Rant Reviews Anomaly Warzone Earth

'Anomaly: Warzone Earth' Review

'Anomaly: Warzone Earth' flips the script on the tower defense genre and has players assume the role as the attacking force - rather than defending. But is the twist fun? Read our review to find out.

Defenders of Ardania Review

'Defenders of Ardania' Review

Does 'Defenders of Ardania,' from Paradox Interactive, deliver a great tower defense experience on a console or does the game demand too much time for too little pay off? Read our review.

Weekly Game Trailer Roundup March 2
Gaming News

Weekly Game Trailer Roundup: March 2

The Weekly Game Trailer Roundup for March 2nd features new videos from 'Hitman: Absolution', 'Unit 13', 'Ghost Recon Online', 'Shoot Many Robots', 'SSX', as well as a blooper real of Tim Schafer joking around.

Shank 2 Review

'Shank 2' Review

If you enjoy chainsaws, guys with bad attitudes, and ridiculous comic violence, 'Shank 2' will certainly quench that particular thirst. Read our review for more details.

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