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Blizzard Reneges on Real ID Forum Requirement

Hell hath no fury like a World of Warcraft player scorned. And nothing scorns a World of Warcraft player like the idea of having their real life identity associated with their online persona, which is exactly what Blizzard was planning to do.

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Meet Hawke, Dragon Age II's Commander Shepard

If you weren't already away, Dragon Age II will not feature the character creation system or origin stories of the original game. Instead, players will take the role of Hawke, the featured protagonist of the new sequel.

'Puzzle Agent' Review

A creepy and foreboding puzzle game? Those things don't sound like they're meant to coincide. At least, that's what I thought until I played Puzzle Agent, and I was instantly impressed.

Crackdown Review - 3
2.5 star

'Crackdown 2' Review

Does Crackdown 2 improve upon the good and the bad of the original Crackdown and offer something new and exciting? Read our review to find out.

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Midnight Rant: E3 Has Only Just Begun

Everyone has had a chance to explore the show floor, to look at the big screens and fancy booths, everyone knows what they want to try now, and best of all we don't have to worry about those pesky press briefings anymore.

Gaming News

Midnight Rant: Pre-E3 Jitters

Here I am, sitting in a friend's guest bedroom, not thinking of all the great games I'm going to be able to play over the next week, but instead the variety of ways I might screw this up.

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