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Aliens Infestation Review

'Aliens: Infestation' Review

'Aliens: Infestation' combines the weapons and story line from the 'Aliens' universe with side-scrolling adventure game play. Read our review to find out if slaying xenomorphs is as fun as it sounds.

Game Trailers

Blizzard DOTA Trailer

Blizzard DOTA is an epic battle between the red and blues gods who have kidnapped characters from the Blizzard universe to fight their war for them. Read on for the Blizzard DOTA trailer from BlizzCon.

Game Trailers

A Game of Thrones: Genesis Trailer

Cyanide Studios releases the 'Game of Thrones: Genesis' trailer a week before its release to showcase usable dragon units and a massive game world. Read on and check out the trailer.

Dead Island Review

'Dead Island' Review

'Dead Island' combines some of the best video game elements into a fun role playing game but do bugs and poor design choices ruin the zombie killing action? Read our review for details.

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