'Auditorium 2: Duet' To Be Funded Via Kickstarter, Feature Multiplayer

Auditorium 2 Duet Announced Funded Through Kickstarter

The original Auditorium was pretty much a dream come true for music lovers. Today, developer Cipher Prime has announced the game's sequel, Auditorium 2: Duet.

Cipher Prime will be taking a page out of Double Fine's book, as the developer plans to fund Auditorium 2: Duet through Kickstarter. Double Fine garnered much success through the service, and the Auditorium developer hopes to emulate that success.

Auditorium has launched on a myriad of platforms, from iOS to PSN, but today it finally comes to Steam. Oddly enough, if Cipher Prime is able to develop the new game, they will launch it on Steam first, with hopes to bring the game to other platforms later down the road. There is also the possibility of Steam/PSN and Steam/iPad cross-play, much like the PS3 version of  Portal 2.

Over the years, Cipher Prime has also been hard at work making sure their skills are up to par, in hopes of adding multiplayer to the possible sequel. Part of the reasoning for this is due to fan emails from those wishing to be able to play Auditorium with their friends. It seems kind of hard to imagine Auditorium as a two player game, but if the title is funded Cipher Prime plans to add the longed for multiplayer component. There's even the possibility of having players create their own levels together.

"I wouldn't say Auditorium is really a party kind of game, but, we definitely envision couples, friends and family playing together at home. In fact, we know from customer emails that many couples would play Auditoriumside-by-side and share their solutions as they went along. The real difficulty for the multiplayer will be creating the levels, we've already started brainstorming about a multiplayer editor where two people can log in and create the experience together. This is both exciting and scary!"

If it wasn't already clear that Cipher Prime is listening to fans, they've also taken made changes regarding criticism towards their Kickstarter. Originally, users had to pledge $20 in order to get the game for free - that's the price Cipher Prime plans on selling Auditorium 2: Duet for - but after many complained of the high price, the developer lowered the Kickstarter amount to $15. Pretty classy. The team also responded as to why Auditorium isn't available on the European PSN and why they won't be making a Vita version - the publisher won't let them. This is one of the main reasons why they hope to self publish the game.

At the time of this writing, Cipher Prime has only raised around $5, 766 for their project. Speaking to Joystiq, Cipher Prime's Will Stallwood said that the game will only be funded if the team can reach their goal of $60,000. Auditorium itself was a beautiful, if not challenging game, and Cipher Prime seems to be a developer that is really intent on pleasing its fans. If you're at all interested in seeing the sequel, or at least wanting to help out an awesome developer, head over to their Kickstarter Page and donate a few bucks.


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Source: Joystiq, Joystiq

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