The new Attack on Titan game by Omega Studios is shaping up nicely, with wide open worlds, missions straight from the anime, and hundreds of titans to kill.

For those who don’t know, Attack on Titan is an ongoing manga series by Hajime Isayama, which received a popular anime adaptation in 2013. The series follows the story of Eren Jaeger and friends as they defend their city against the monstrous creatures called titans.

Now the major series has another game coming out, and it looks much better than Attack on Titan for 3DS. Developed by Omega Studios, the company behind the Dynasty Warriors series, the new game will see players slaughtering hundreds of giant titans as they live out the events of the anime’s first season. Taking inspiration from the Warriors franchise, Attack on Titan has huge scale maps with a similar UI and mission structure, though it feels like its own unique game.

Attack on Titan Mikasa

Players must use precise timing and quick-thinking to dispose of their titan enemies whilst flying through the air using their three dimensional movement gear, else they’re likely to end up as a tasty snack for the beasts. Attack on Titan‘s famous movement gear looks tricky to master as it must grapple to the surrounding environment and therefore is hard to use outside of cities. As fans of the series already know, titans would be more or less unkillable, were it not for their weak point at the back of the neck.

Soldiers are able to bring down the giants with a clean blow from behind whilst avoiding the powerful attacks, but can also target the titan’s legs and arms in order to weaken them and to collect materials. Many titans have an area that will yield the player some useful item when attacked, meaning that some strategy can be applied when considering how best to deal with a group of enemies.

Attack on Titan Movement

As fans of the series all know, fighting titans without proper supplies is harder than beating Dark Souls with a guitar. So whilst it’s tempting to fly around the maps at high speed, you’ll be wanting to conserve your fuel levels, especially in earlier missions where any supplies you have are more limited. If you have sufficient fuel levels, attacking a titan whilst flying quickly will allow you to do more damage and will help players to conserve their precious blades.

There’s no shortage of content in the game, with 20 missions taken straight from the anime series and 66 side missions to complete with one of 10 unique characters including Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and Levi. Each character has their own feel and playstyle, with Mikasa and Levi being more adept at killing titans in a single blow, strategists like Armin able to direct forces, and Eren able to do his titan transformation, leading to a more varied game in general. Once you’ve completed everything, there are also 5 extra missions that take place after the events of the anime but it will take a lot of work to get there.

Attack on Titan Eren

For now, Omega Studios’ Attack on Titan game looks to be shaping up nicely and with the addition of multiplayer that should be out in Japan this month, the title is sure to peak a lot of people’s interest when it releases in the West.

Attack on Titan is scheduled for a Western release in 2016. It will be available for PS3, PS4, and PS Vita.