The next project from the Ubisoft team behind Grow Home and Grow Up has been announced. It’s another small-scale project, but hugely different from what Ubisoft Reflections has created prior. Introducing Atomega, an online multiplayer FPS where players start as a single laser firing block. As players destroy their opponents, they consume their blocks and grow larger. Eventually, players grow into a gargantuan, nigh unstoppable block-cyclops. Sustaining this Omega form is the key to victory. Players won’t have to wait long to pick up Atomega for themselves, as it launches September 19 on PC.

Atomega will feature a single map on which 8 players can do battle. Ubisoft describes it as an “arena on the brink of destruction,” but it isn’t clear as to whether the arena will be further destroyed during matches or if that’s just its constant state. The game features 8 “Exoforms” which players will transition through as they collect “Mass.” Those shown in the trailer include the single-block Atom, a blob of many blocks, a two-legged dinosaur, a large gorilla, a bipedal large cyclops, and then the glowing Omega itself. That’s six of the eight, though the glowing pre-block form that players start the match as may be included as well.

Matches will last 10 minutes each, and while it isn’t explicitly said, it’s implied there will be both free-for-all and team modes. The gameplay shown in the trailer seems to be a free-for-all mode, and Ubisoft notes that players have can have 10 “Hacks” to temporarily boost allies implying a team mode. Ubisoft Reflections will likely share more details on Atomega‘s game modes in the weeks ahead.

It’s great to see that part of Ubisoft Reflections continues to be provided the creative freedom to make smaller, more unique experiences. Most of Reflections continues to work on larger Ubisoft projects like The Crew, or supporting the development of Ubisoft projects like The Division and Watch Dogs 2 at the same time. With games like Grow Up and Atomega being made at the same time as larger projects within the same studio shows how capable the developer is, but also how much of a priority it is for the studio to work on small projects simply for the sake of creativity.

Atomega releases September 19 exclusively on PC.

tags: PC, Ubisoft