10 Things That Make No Sense About Astral Chain

First of all Astral Chain is a great game, but like a lot of PlatinumGames’ projects, it has flaws. That is to say, we have a lot of questions with the plot that don’t make sense. Too many in fact for one article because, quite frankly, the game does a poor job of explaining its world, or that is to say if one thinks about it the whole thing starts to fall apart.

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That said these ten entries have some of our most burning questions. There are obviously SPOILERS ahead from the beginning to the ending.

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10 Uneven Chain Limits

The length of the titular Astral Chain varies between gameplay and cutscenes. For example, there is a part where everyone is losing their Legions with the player version of Akira falling to their doom. Seemingly hundreds of feet away he/she summons their Legion in order to fly up, grab ahold of solid matter, and pull them up.

Understandably the game couldn’t account for huge lengths of chain for players to mess around with. It would probably tax the game engine too much, but it is still a silly thing to note on. That said, Astral Chain's combat offers a great deal of depth, so this is far from a big deal.

9 We Are Legion

There is another problem with the game’s logic that springs forth from this scene as well. Everyone losses their Legions, except the player. Cool, we understand why that happens. What doesn’t make sense is why the player keeps all of the recovered Legions for themselves.

Couldn’t they have just as easily transferred them into another system so that the Neuron team became more powerful? There is strength in numbers, as they say. The reason why stems from the fact that this a video game and getting new powers is cool. It’s as simple as that.

8 Attack Of The Clones

Yes, the joke title is obvious, but it was too hard to resist. Anyway, we have so many questions with this one. Was Akira a clone after his hospitalization? If not, then is the Akira in the post-game a clone?

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How did no one notice Joseph was making clones? On top of that, are the Legions the clones are using clones too? Just how exactly does this whole thing work! Ask one question and several thousand more erupt.

7 The Brother/Sister Dynamic

How are players supposed to feel anything for the twins when one of them doesn’t talk and the other one is basically stuck up? There is no chemistry between them which points more to the player character not speaking a word. It made big moments -  like the clone revelation and the end where Akira sacrifices himself/herself for the greater good - feel hollow.

Most games take away voices because the players are supposed to have a “voice” through dialogue decisions, but that is not the case in Astral Chain.

6 Humanity’s Last Hope Has To Pay For Upgrades?

This entry can be attributed to various different games where players are a chosen hero and the only one left to save the world, but also has to pay for goods to protect the same world. It makes even less sense here since he/she works for the police force, which also has a substantial budget.

Why would he/she have to pay for their own gear? It doesn’t make any sense. Imagine a world where the real police force had to walk the beat with only the items they could personally afford. There would be chaos.

5 Get A Disguise Genius

When Hal takes the player through the sewers in order to reach a restricted area, he prepares an outfit for the protagonist. Good idea since a police outfit would cause attention. However, there is one flaw in Hal's plan; mainly, the fact he didn’t bring a mask, hood, or anything to cover the hero's head at all.

What good are street clothes without a real disguise? They still don’t get a disguise later on when they go on the run.

4 Your Father Is…

Early on in the game your father, Max, volunteers to hold off the escaped Legions in order for everyone else to make it out of the Astral Plane alive. It is then presumed he is dead, which is all but confirmed when the twins later discover his gear. That said, as a body was not discovered, anything was still possible.

Then at the very end of the game, the Axe Legion summons itself in order to comfort the player by grabbing their hand. When this happens, the players get a flash of Max implying that he became, or fused with the Legion. What?

3 Animals Spread Disease?

Another Max related plot hole, or more like a plot that is brushed aside, involves animals. It is revealed that animals apparently can spread the Chimera disease more easily than humans.

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That’s why they are abandoned. Yet, multiple times throughout the game, people have cats or dogs and seem just fine. What about animals makes them more susceptible? We want to know more, but as it stands, this plot point feels like a random detail thrown in at the last minute.

2 Jena’s Plan

What exactly was Jena’s plan? We can assume she saw, as Joseph’s lab partner, that he was experimenting with the wrong things. She knew he was dangerous but instead of reporting him, Jena decided to just leave.

In order to exact revenge on Joseph and also save the world from him, Jena opted to fuse her body to transform into a more powerful weapon. That’s all well and good, but she was going about it the wrong way. In all honesty, they were both crazy, but we still wish she had more impact on the overall narrative.

1 The Evangelion Is Strong In This One

Finally, speaking of Joseph, just what exactly was his deal? In an instant, he went from good to evil and maniacal. Furthermore, very little is revealed about the members of the panel shrouded in darkness who Joseph talks to early in the story.

If PlatinumGames said they never watched Neon Genesis Evangelion, we would be rather surprised. It is hard not to notice similarities between Joseph and Gendo and the plots of both properties, although Astral Chain might be more confusing.

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