Astral Chain Dev Responds to PS4 Hate Accusations

Astral Chain developer Hideki Kamiya has responded to accusations that he and the development team at PlatinumGames hate PS4 players. The studio's new game was review bombed on Metacritic as angry gamers protested against the fact that it is a Nintendo Switch exclusive and thus isn't available on PS4.

On Twitter, Kamiya quoted a tweet by a gamer who asked why PlatinumGames isn't releasing Astral Chain on PS4 and if the developer hates the platform. Kamiya was quick to shut the allegation down, explaining in Japanese that he and the team don't hate PS4 players, but are just trying to fulfill their contractual obligations. Nintendo is the investor and publisher behind the game and so it's to be expected that the game is exclusive to a Nintendo console. Kamiya also compared Astral Chain to the Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Metroid series as they are also unlikely to come to non-Nintendo platforms.

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PlatinumGames and Nintendo have a very good working relationship and this isn't the first time that the Switch creator has provided the funding that has allowed one of the developer's games to be made. The first Bayonetta was released on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 but Nintendo published the game on Switch and Wii U, while Bayonetta 2 was also exclusive to Nintendo platforms. The company has also worked on two Star Fox games and its debut title, MadWorld, was a Wii exclusive. So, it shouldn't come as much surprise that PlatinumGames would be happy to go exclusive with Nintendo again.

However, the exclusivity decision probably stings a bit as PlatinumGames made so many people happy with Nier: Automata, which it released in 2017 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. With its wacky boss fight DLC, multiple endings, and many Easter eggs, fans got a good taste of what PlatinumGames can do which is why they are so disappointed to miss out on that talent with Astral Chain.

Unfortunately for the unhappy fans, it could be a while until they get to play a PlatinumGames title that isn't exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. After handing off the development of Granblue Fantasy: Remix to Cygames and with mobile title Lost Order having not been confirmed for a release outside of Japan, PlatinumGames' next title is Bayonetta 3, which is another Switch exclusive. It remains to be seen if that game will be review bombed too, but hopefully Kamiya won't have to explain again that he doesn't hate other platforms.

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Source: Twitter - Hideki Kamiya

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