Man Assaults Teen Who Beat His Son in Video Game

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Although a vast majority of video games nowadays are extremely violent, news of an assault taking place as a result of a video game feud is not all that common. Even so, there have been some instances of gaming-related assaults, including the time a man was attacked with the Master Sword from Legend of Zelda. However, few of these instances have involved gamers' parents, like a recent incident in Malaysia.

The assault occurred at a gaming store in Seremban, Malaysia where two teens were competing against each other in an unknown video game. One, who is believed to be 19, was continually winning against a much younger competitor who was there with his father.

After seeing his son consistently losing to the teenager, the father offered the teenager a bribe to let his son win the next game. The teenager, caught accepting and pocketing the bribe on camera, went on to win the next game anyways. The younger gamer's father then furiously attacked the 19-year-old, first throwing a chair at him, then viciously kicking him multiple times. The teenager was hospitalized: suffering broken ribs, punctured lungs, numerous bruises, and a shattered spine. Considering that one man received 7 years in prison for striking a Pokemon Go player, the father will likely see jail time.

According to The Sun, the father of the losing son was not the only one to be arrested. Apparently, three other men were also arrested for participating in the assault, though the specific details are unknown. In a video of the incident, all of the men can be seen surrounding the gamer, with one brutally kicking him in the head while he lay on the pavement. The men are currently being investigated for rioting.

Although this tragic case of assault seems incomprehensible, it is not the first time an incident involving assault has been tied to gaming. Over nine years ago a World of Warcraft player was arrested in a case of domestic assault. However, the assailant in that case was believed to be intoxicated, while the father in the most recent case was not.

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