'Assassin's Creed Unity' Removes App Requirements For Unlocks

AC Unity - Stealing From Chest

Months ago, when AC Unity initially launched, the game had a companion app (available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone) that players could use to unlock special chests within Unity. The problem, however, came for those that didn’t want to partake in the app, but still wanted to unlock any chests they came across.

A problem eventually arose when players found that these chests were exclusive to the app, and there were no other ways to open them. It’d be simple to ignore the chests, but they often included items like outfits from previous Assassin’s Creed protagonists, as well as additional money. In other words: cool and useful things people may like to have.

Assassins Creed Unity App

As said at the top, though, the new update alleviates that requirement, so now everyone has the opportunity to have Arno cosplay as Ezio Auditore. And once a player has it, it won’t get relocked for some inexplicable reason. Over on the AC Live Updates page, Ubisoft announced the app change, saying:

“Additionally, we will be unlocking all content exclusive to Initiates and the Companion App, including both blue and gold chests. Players can still progress on the Companion App, they just will no longer be required to complete content to unlock in-game chests.”

Other important details, courtesy of the released patch notes, include a fix to the “Find Leon” objective not appearing in the Dead Kings DLC (which prevented people from progressing), as well as a fix for an issue in which control of Arno was suddenly lost upon attempting to launch AC Initiates from the game’s pause menu.

Assassin’s Creed Unity Patch 5 rolls out today for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game, while PC players will have to wait until tomorrow, February 19, to install the patch. Maybe hold off on playing more of the game until then.

How many of you out there are still trying to get through Assassin's Creed Unity, despite its problems? What about the game is so appealing to you?

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