Real Life Version of Arno's Phantom Blade from 'Assassin's Creed Unity'

Assassins Creed Phantom Blade Replica

When it comes to video game weaponry it seems like the bigger and gaudier an item is the better. From the Key Blade to the Buster Sword to the Lancer, popular franchises have used iconic weaponry not only as symbols but selling points.

For the Assassin's Creed franchise, however, creating iconic weaponry is a little more difficult. Where other heroes have no problem brandishing massive swords, axes, or guns, the Brotherhood of assassins is more focused on keeping things as non-descript as possible, hence why the hidden blade has become the series' trademark weapon.

But, with each Assassin's Creed entry needing to top the next, there arises a desire to make the hidden blade better and better. This year's Assassin's Creed Unity, for example, has upgraded the hidden blade to something called the phantom blade, which works for both closeup and ranged encounters. It's essentially a hidden blade combined with a wrist-mounted crossbow.

Hoping to capitalize off the buzz surrounding Assassin's Creed Unity's release (read our review), the folks at AWE me have replicated the phantom blade in stunning fashion. Yes, there is a phantom blade replica available from Ubisoft for $60, but this is a fully forged version. Check out how it was made below.


AWE me has actually been around for quite a while now, replicating items from across the world of pop culture. They've made tons of really cool items, like Squall's Gunblade from Final Fantasy VIII and the Lich King's Frostmourne from World of Warcraft, and even a few items from past Assassin's Creed titles as well. Let's just say that AWE me is no stranger to the hidden blade.

Unfortunately, this forged replica is not for sale, but as we mentioned players can still pick up their own phantom blade at several participating retailers. The plastic even comes with a launching mechanism, albeit a much less deadly one.

While debates are currently raging over Assassin's Creed Unity's performance issues on current-gen consoles, we're pretty sure that fans can agree the game gets at least one thing right: design. The look of 18th Century France is top notch and the tiny details help give the sequel a little extra texture. That being said, we're eager to see how Ubisoft can top the phantom blade in the next game.

What do you think of the phantom blade as an evolution of the hidden blade? Would you buy a replica of the phantom blade?

Assassin's Creed Unity is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


Source: AWE me

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