Assassin's Creed Revelations: Ottoman Prince And Ezio's Return?

New Assassins Creed Revelations Teaser Hints At Ottoman Prince And Ezio Returning

In true Assassin's Creed fashion, Ubisoft has begun to rather cryptically reveal small details about Assassin's Creed Revelations through a viral campaign they've set up on their Assassin's Creed Facebook page. As more people have visited and liked the Assassin's Creed page, the video that plays there has slowly become increasingly clearer.

The most recent update to the Assassin's Creed Revelations video has revealed the right side of the image and given the game a potential setting. The mosque shown in the image is none other than the Hagia Sofia, located in Istanbul, Turkey, which could give gamers the first big reveal of this campaign. Istanbul was under Ottoman rule for over 5 centuries, which could mean a story involving the Ottomans.

Just like the other teasers that hit the facebook site, this one has also been given the YouTube treatment. Take a look yourself and see if you can spot something that other gamers have missed.


The hints don't just stop with the location though. A mysterious number that flashes on the screen (24061459) seems to be the same as Ezio's birthday, which is June 24, 1459. The 4 minarets that surround the Hagia Sofia were erected after the Ottoman empire claimed the city in 1453 and ordered the then church to be converted into a mosque, which would imply a post 1453 storyline. This may also point to a portion of the game taking place in Giovanni Auditore's (Ezio's father) shoes when he was a younger man. This could also reveal a bit of a connection between Altair, who lived in Syria and the Auditores who lived in Italy. Turkey borders Syria to the north.

The previous update to the video revealed the the left side which shows the blade and arm of an unknown assassin. With the first video showing the text (written in Arabic) Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, which translates to Altair, son of no one, some have speculated that this is Altair's arm and blade we're looking at. Along with the revealed arm was an artifact called the Phaistos Disc which was discovered on the Greek island of Crete in 1908. Greece fell into Ottoman control in 1453, and could be a potential secondary location in Revelations.

Meanwhile even more hints are dropped in the loading message for the animus which says:


{s17.anima\eauditore.ddna\6.8.8}fatal error: failed to reinitialize


Loading Firmware ... Animus 2.03"

This would seem to imply that at the very least, Ezio will not be the character gamers take control of at the start of Assassin's Creed Revelations. So then who are we going to take control of? Are we going to play through multiple time periods as we weave an intricate tale? A number of hints might also come from the loading screen for the animus. Before even the SynchError message is a list of Animus arcs.







Those with sharp eyes will notice that the second number on that list is none other than Ezio's birthday. The dates seem mysterious but a little bit of detective work can shed some light on what they may mean, including how a hint in the latest teaser could reveal a very important connection between several of the dates.

The artifact that flashes across the screen is the Tughra -- signature, seal, or monogram of Ottoman Sultans -- of Suleiman the Magnificent. Suleiman the Magnificent was born November 6, 1494 and died early September, 1566. Guess what date is also listed in this batch of Animus arcs? That's right, Suleiman the Magnificent's birthday.

The bizarre dates don't end there. It's known that Altair was born in 1165, and guess what, there's a date falling in that year too. Could this mean that Altair's birthday is January 11, 1165?

Eliminating the three birthdates leaves us with 3 dates all in the timeframe of 1509-1512. With Assassin's Creed Brotherhood pushing up to 1507, does this mean that the next game will take place during these three years? Or is it just a bit of added realism to an in depth ARG in which Desmond can't resynch with the later portions of Ezio Audiotore's life?

If the protagonist is Ezio, then does that mean that that the arm featured in the video is his or is there going to be more Altair flashbacks in Assassin's Creed Revelations? All signs seem to indicate that this entry is not going to be a new sequel with a new protagonist, but perhaps instead the conclusion of Ezio's story. In 1509 Suleiman the Magnificent would have been just 15 years old, an age at which a prince may need protection.

If you haven't already, you too can join in on the fun of revealing the next video by visiting the Assassin's Creed Facebook page and liking it. Everytime the bar at the bottom of the page hits 100% another piece of the video has been revealed. It's not clear how many times the video will continue to update, but it can be expected with so much of the video clear, that there won't be too many more teasers before a big reveal.

What do you think about all of these little hints from Ubisoft. Will you still be excited for Assassin's Creed Revelations if its revealed that it will mark another return for Ezio?

Source: Facebook

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