Is Assassin’s Creed taking a note from the pages of Activision’s Call of Duty franchise? In the last two years we’ve had two full retail Assassin’s Creed video games and today we find out that there’s another one on the way.

On Facebook, Ubisoft seemingly slipped up by posting a message revealing the next game in the Assassin’s Creed franchise, with a link to ‘Like’ their page in order to unlock an exclusive sneak peak. The new game is titled Assassin’s Creed Revelations.

We know very little at the moment and the Facebook posting was quickly taken down. Why take it down now? It’s the internet and we all now know. I’ve contacted Ubisoft to see if we can learn any more and will let you know when we do, so let’s look at what we do know for now.

“Assassins, the day you have been waiting for has arrived!!! Click the link below to help reveal an exclusive look at the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Game!”

The last two games focused on the Italian assassin we all know as Ezio whereas the first game followed Altaïr Ibn la-Ahad during the medieval era. Who will Desmond relive the memories of in Revelations?

If the now-taken-down images are of any indication, Altaïr will be involved again as there’s Arabic text on one of the background images which when read backwards, reads out his full name.

Below are some screenshots from NeoGAF forum users who were able to recover images from their cache after the posting was quickly removed. We can expect Assassin’s Creed Revelations to be a focal point of Ubisoft’s E3 presentation on June 6th. We’ll be there live to report it as it happens!

Ever since 2008, Ubisoft has managed to release at least two Assassin’s Creed games each year and so Assassin’s Creed: Lost Legacy on the Nintendo 3DS is likely not the only franchise installment of 2011. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Revelations available on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 this fall or next spring. I also expect it to be playable on Nintendo’s Wii 2 as Ubisoft is one of the most tech-forward developers in the business, heavily supporting the Kinect and 3DS at launch.

What would you like to see from the next Assassin’s Creed?

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Source: NeoGAF