Having just launched yesterday, Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Origins is already starting to be beaten by the more hardcore and sleep-deprived of fans, who are able to give us some clarity on just how long the Egyptian take on the franchise will take to complete. According to those reaching the conclusion of their Assassin‘s Creed experience, the game will have 24 main story quests in total, with more than 60 optional side missions that can also be completed.

To complete the Assassin’s Creed Origins story alone, it looks like players will need around 20 hours of game time if they’re in a rush. The average player will probably require a little more time, say 30 hours, in order to get their fill of side quests and the occasional collectible, and those who are looking to 100% the game will need to spend considerably longer in the Animus.


Although there are 24 story missions that need completing in order to fully experience new protagonist Bayek’s story, not all of them will be available to players straight away. Many quests will require players to be a higher level than they currently are in order to be activated, so learning how to grind levels quickly is essential to those who don’t have time to waste. Completing the numerous side mission along the way is sure to keep the majority of players at a sufficient level to take on even the more challenging of targets.

Of course, there’s a lot more to experience in Assassin’s Creed Origins besides the story, and the beautiful Egyptian open-world is worth exploring. There are Hippodrome races to compete in, Papyrus puzzles to solve, and a great deal of loot to be found throughout the adventure, and all of it is worth seeing at one point or another. Thanks to the game’s switch from an action-adventure to an action-RPG format, players will also need to spend a bit of extra time maxing out Bayek’s skill trees if they wish to turn the beginner into a full-fledged, unstoppable assassin.

As usual, there is also a substantial list of trophies that need obtaining which will have assassins-in-training taming lions, running from hippos, and flying as an eagle in their quest to collect them all. Like every Assassin’s Creed game before this one, there is a huge amount of content to be found inside the game’s sprawling landscape and players will not struggle to spend more than the predicted 30 hour completion time invested in the title, should they choose to.

Assassin’s Creed Origins is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: GameRevolution