Assassin’s Creed Origins: 10 Hidden Areas You Didn’t Know Existed

The sands of Assassin’s Creed Origins hide many secrets and players have been spending years uncovering them all. Easter Eggs to other games, an endgame store, giant sea creatures, and a secret temple buried out in the desert with a terrifying secret.

There is a lot to uncover in this game both to advance your character and to reveal more of the lore. Here are some of the most interesting areas hidden away in Egypt that you probably didn’t know about.

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10 Dark Souls Bonfire

References to the monumental game Dark Souls is becoming standard for any game involving swords and Assassin’s Creed Origins is no different. Hidden in a cluster of ruins near lake Mareotis in the Paraitonion region the player can find the cold remains of a campfire with a sword embedded in the ashes.

Players can interact with the object to reveal a bleak message suggesting the warrior from the other franchise is unable to pass on to the afterlife and it remains the mysterious fighter’s final resting place. It’s too bad you can’t rekindle the flames.

9 Isu Armor

This hidden set of armor is located within the Great Sphinx near the mighty Pyramids of Giza. But the secret room it's located in can only be opened once the player has completed the quest Bayek’s Promise, which requires the discovery of all of the stone circles found in the game.

Even after finding these stone circles the player still needs to gather 50 silica which is found in the hard to find Ancient Tombs. After doing these things the player will be granted access to this secret room and the Isu Armor. This Atlantean armor is one of the best in the entire game.

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8 Fort Nikiou Lair

This macabre location is found beneath the mighty Fort Nikiou in Sapi-Res Nome. It’s part of the quest The Tax Master that tasks you with freeing a wrongfully imprisoned man in this horrible place. It’s also the sight where Jeska was tortured and burned for helping a bunch of villagers escape the wrath of Sefetu.

It’s a place of death with dark tunnels littered with corpses suggesting a host of foul deeds have taken place here. If you insist on checking it out it’s recommended you do so quickly.

7 Whale Valley

This fun easter egg actually has some historical relevancy to it. In the badlands of Faiyuum is a small pond nestled among the rocks. Players can drop down and dive into it revealing the skeleton of a whale resting at the bottom of the shallow pool.

It turns out the whale skeleton is of the real-life prehistoric whale the Archaeoceti. It was only recently that scientists discovered the existence of large aquatic mammals in the Egyptian region at some point in antiquity and Ubisoft decided to reference it in their game.

6 Bureau of The Hidden Ones

Many players who moved on from the game after beating the main quest were probably never aware of this store’s existence and that’s an absolute shame. Unlocked after beating the main quest line the Bureau of the Hidden Ones is a store that contains a number of legendary items that match the player’s level.

Another interesting feature of this store is that it can be used to recover items the player may have sold over the course of gameplay. If player’s parted with a powerful bow or piece of armor when they were desperate for cash, they can get that back here.

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5 Final Fantasy Tomb

Located underneath the Meidum pyramid is a secret tomb. When the player gets close enough to the temple they’ll see a meteor fall from the sky and crash into the base of the pyramid initiating the quest A Gift From The Gods.

The meteor creates a hole in the tomb wall allowing the player access to a puzzle. Solving the puzzle yields a portal with a familiar figure from the Final Fantasy franchise. This character will give the player a number of items that reference this long standing video games series.

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4 Papyrus Treasure

Over the course of the game players will come across a number of papyrus puzzles that yield a legendary item if solved. Solving all of the papyrus puzzles will result in 25 legendary items scattered throughout the desert for the player to find.

This treasure hunt must be done when the player’s a high level as the reward will be locked at whatever level the character is. For those wanting something to do in the endgame or who need a few powerful items this treasure hunt is a great way to obtain great power.

3 Tardis

This hidden area will be immediately recognizable for Doctor Who fans. Near the city of Letopolis in the oceans depths is a mysterious stone artifact that appears to have crashed there a long time ago.

It’s unclear if this is a statue commemorating the discovery of a Tardis when a time lord visited the area some time in the past or if it’s the calcified remains of a Tardis that crashed into the ocean at some point. Either way it’s a neat easter egg that’s bound to generate some conspiracy theories.

2 Layla’s Research Station

No this isn’t the modern day one you explore as Layla this is the sight in Egyptian history where the lab will one day be. In ancient Egyptian times it’s located in the Siwa region. The spot you’re looking for is the Qattra Depression, a large cave built into the hills.

This isn’t much more to the area other than a large cave system to explore and deadly hyenas, but it’s a great reference to the game’s present and an interesting place to see.

1 Temple Of A Million Years

This hidden temple is found outside of the city of Letopolis in the Sapi-Res Nome region and can be found by studying the hieroglyphs in three different homes in the city. These hieroglyphs reveal the location of the temple buried in the sands.

After taking out some thugs that have taken an interest in the area there’s a crack in the wall of the ruins leading to a tunnel. At the end of the tunnel lies some treasures to find and the dark secret of the city of Letopolis. If there’s any hidden place you need to check out, it’s this one.

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