Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: 10 Secret Side Quests Everyone Missed

Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is massive, full of hundreds of optional quests for players to uncover and complete. Admittedly many players have completed every quest there is as it’s a requirement for what players consider the true ending of the game, but anyone tackling the game without a guide or the internet handy is going to miss a lot.

The following side quests are what many consider to be quests that the average player would either miss, forget about, or simply not be aware of if they aren’t following a walkthrough. Even then it can still be difficult to find and complete these quests.

10 Merciful Gods

During the quest Hungry Gods players are tasked with investigating the disappearance of tributes from a shrine dedicated to Hermes in a small cave. After defeating the bandits players will leave the cave and report the discovery to the quest giver.

Sometimes if the player goes back into the cave and leaves or exits a different way they’ll stumble across a woman praying to the gods for financial help. The player can pretend to be a god and promise to deliver wealth to the woman, thus kick starting Merciful Gods. It can be tricky to find as the woman may not always appear and players will move on not realizing they missed out on this amusing quest.

9 He Waits

This quest is often passed over because of how much is required to begin it. After reaching at least level 35 the player must go to Messara and seek out a young boy named Andros near Knossos Palace. This begins a string of quests with many moving parts until finally the player accesses the Labyrinth.

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After winding through the labyrinth players will come to the heart of the maze where the Minotaur resides. Beating the Minotaur is a tough fight, one of the toughest in the game in fact. Where many players stumble is sheer frustration either giving up on the string of seemingly meaningless quests or finding they’re too weak to beat the Minotaur, leave, and then get sidetracked with other quests.

8 Brontes The Thunderer

This cyclops can actually be discovered early on in the game, but the player wont be able to access him until much later and usually players forget they ever found him and as a result miss out on this interesting quest/boss fight.

To start travel to the island of Kythera and embark on a quest to free the wannabe god Empedokles. He possesses the key you need to access the cave of Brontes. If you aren’t level 40 you will die, even then it’s still a tough fight. Many players will forget about this mysterious cave in the beginning of the game and some expressed a disinterest in anything the insane Empedokles has to say and didn't complete the quest as a result.

7 Call To Arms

Discovering this mission requires players to spend some considerable time exploring the island of Melos. For those that have the time or looked at a guide they’ll find the Spartan Polemarch. Talking to him reveals a conquest battle called Call To Arms.

This massive battle royale requires the player to grind through 99 enemies before the battle is won. For those not looking at a completionist achievement it may be tempting to ignore this one, especially for all the searching it takes to find the right camp.

6 Stink Eye

This is sort of like an easter egg and quest rolled into one but it’s worth it if you’re in the need for some extra drachma, though it’s a little gross. Players will remember that ridiculous scene in the beginning of the game where the hero takes the obsidian cyclopes eye and shoves it into a goat’s rectum.

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Players have the option of traveling back to that beginning island and go hunting for the goat with the eye. It can be a bit of a grind depending on RNG but killing between 10-20 goats should yield this illusive eye and the aptly named achievement “Stink Eye”.

5 Medusa

Finding and accessing Medusa requires a few steps, some of which requires the player to have a good memory. You’ll need to complete the quest Romancing the Stone Garden which involves saving a lost lover from the petrified temple, the hiding place of Medusa.

To actually access the temple you’ll need to find a mercenary on the Island of Chios who has the key. After this long series of quests that you’ll likely perform over the course of the main quest you’ll finally have access to one of the toughest boss fights in the entire game.

4 Deimos

There are eight endings in the game for the player to unlock. Each one requires a specific set of steps to be completed in a specific way to open. A player going through the game naturally make come across one or two, but actually unlocking them all will likely take a guide.

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Many players are unlikely to choose to kill Deimos given he was being manipulated by the cult, but choosing to engage him in the final battle during Where It All Began will yield one of the lest popular hidden endings to the game.

3 Atlantis

It turns out there was a deeper reason for killing all of those legendary creatures like the Medusa. They’re part of the more complex quest you get upon finding the lost city of Atlantis. This grand quest is broken down into four subquests where you’re tasked with killing the four beasts of legend which each have their own tree of subquests to complete.

All of your previous journeys have been preparing you for this gargantuan quest you can only find after beating the game. Many players will quickly restart or move onto other games, not realizing the meat of the story is still waiting for them.

2 Lore of the Sphinx

The Sphinx is the first legendary monster you must face in your goal to uncover the secrets of Atlantis. There are a set of ruins near the Scorched Rolling Plains in the mountains. After retrieving a special medallion you’ll confront the now awakened Sphinx.

This boss battle is unlike others you’ve encountered thus far in your quest. Instead of learning attack patterns, dispatching minions and carefully placing your arrow shots you’re instead tasked with answering three riddles. Answering correctly will kill the Sphinx and give you the first key as part of your long and arduous quest.

1 Secret Ultra Ending

The true ending of the game lies deep in the depths of Atlantis. It requires the player to not only complete the main quest, but to find Atlantis, complete every side quest, defeat the four monsters of legend, and bring the four artifacts back to the pedestals.

If done correctly the player will be introduced to a long cutscene explaining the story and solve a puzzle to activate the pyramid and unleash the secrets of Atlantis. It’s a long, long journey and requires the completion of many quests, but this hidden ending is by far the best this game has to offer.

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