Assassin's Creed Odyssey: 10 Most Memorable Quotes

The Assassin’s Creed series has never been weak in the area of imparting wisdom through dialogue, as we’ve had protagonists such as Altair and Ezio whose journeys have been ripe with various situations that give you a sense of deep understanding. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey continued this trend, but we were even more impressed with how human some of the characters were.

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Their responses toward tragedies were around the same you’d expect someone from contemporary times to have, making Odyssey’s cast filled with both wise and relatable characters. With that said, here are 10 of the most memorable quotes from the game. In this list, we've considered Kassandra as the Misthios character, since she was the canonical protagonist the whole time.

10 "I Was Protecting My Brother Because You Wouldn't!"

It was infuriating to find out that Nikolaos not only went ahead with ordering the death of his son because some oracle told him to, he also had no regrets that Kassandra was also caught in between and was presumed dead as well. 

This makes the player’s intent to kill Nikolaos even greater, but it was nice to hear Kassandra not falter after hearing of Nikolaos’ lack of remorse. Instead, she fiercely justified her reason to throw herself for Alexios’ sake because she turned out to be made of sterner stuff than her weak minded father.

9 "Sometimes The Face We Show To The World Needs To Be One Of Strength, Despite The Chaos We Harbor Beneath."

Kassandra and Alexios both attained a level of fear and respect due to their status as dangerous individuals, but neither knew how to conduct themselves in social situations, leading to them being considered as meatheads who could be controlled. 

For this reason, we appreciate their mother Myrrine having a greater understanding of how society works in order to further one’s own needs. Having been cast to the edges of the Greek world, it was no wonder Myrrine understood where to show ferocity and where to show restraint.

8 "...I Have Seen Too Many People Die. I Have Walked From One End Of The Earth To The Other..."

The weight of Kassandra’s burden was truly felt when she shared these words, as you realize that this woman spent about 2,500 years on her own in the name of preserving civilization. Not only did she achieve her overall mission, she went through a world of experiences. 

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After all, if you spend millennia alive with the number of resources like Kassandra had, one would expect her to have ventured out across the Greek lands. And to think, she not only eclipsed that part of the world, but the entire globe itself.

7 "Did He Call You Cyclops? Did He Hurt Your Feelings?"

While Assassin’s Creed Origins’ open-world was smoother than Odyssey’s, its protagonist lacked in the smack talk department; Kassandra had this quality in spades. We saw proof of this earlier on, when she confronted the man nicknamed as the Cyclops.

This man wasn’t so fond of the moniker handed to him, though, and would beat up anyone he heard calling him that. However, Kassandra not only referred to him with that title, she even made fun of the guy’s sensitivity, showing the player that this protagonist was something different.

6 "It Was Different In The Beginning. It Wasn't About Destruction, It Was About Redirection."

The Cult of Kosmos played around with artifacts from the Isu to control the world, but we were handed a more diverse antagonist for once in the Assassin’s Creed series as Aspasia justified her reasons to control Deimos.

Rather than focus solely on controlling the world like the Templars in the future would with the Pieces of Eden, Aspasia understood where guidance began and total control was breached. It at least made her stand out from the rest of the antagonists we’ve seen from the series, as you could see that she really did have noble intentions at the start.

5 "You Do Not Deserve The Infinite Knowledge Of Our Creators."

After all the philosophical mumbo-jumbo Pythagoras wasted our time with, we finally saw a human side of him when he learned he was never supposed to be the true bearer of the Staff of Hermes and was reluctant to hand it to Kassandra. 

This was memorable simply because it was satisfying to see Pythagoras be put in his place. Clearly, he’d gotten way in over his head and assumed himself to be special, and it was a good reality check for him as his denial gave way toward acceptance when he handed the staff to Kassandra.

4 "...Beware, The Snakes In The Grass."

Depending on whether you killed Nikolaos or not, the uttering of these words differed on how Nikolaos said them. Either way, these words were basically a hint from Ubisoft about how Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s storytelling style would be.

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Of all Ubisoft games we’ve played, Odyssey was the first that had us on our toes guessing over who might be the true antagonist and how the endgame would turn out. In the immediate fallout from this quote, we also found out that Kassandra had been betrayed by Elpenor.

3 "If I Was Your Punishment, You'd Already Be Dead."

After we had a bunch of heroes who seemed to be too nice to threaten someone for talking down to them, it was a nice change of pace to have someone like Kassandra who had no apprehensions in talking back to anyone.

Here, she made it clear she wasn’t one to be spoken without respect, as she shot back on the assumption that she was bothering the person she was talking to; arguing that her form of punishment wasn’t restricted to words, and that she would have painful consequences to follow if she wasn’t shown respect.

2 "I Have No Drachmae To Give. Only Knowledge, Which One Should Prefer For It Is Perpetual, Not Transitory."

These words are so profound, that they can easily apply to this very day. As put by Sokrates, the hunt for money is futile because it can only offer fleeting levels of security; it is knowledge that is truly invaluable.

More than 90% of the people would prefer to have monetary rewards that always need to be repeated to no end, while the gift of knowledge could easily allow them to make their own way in the future without having to rely on anyone’s favor.

1 "I Would Have Liked To Have Gone Fishing With My Son."

When you understand the weight behind these words, you’ll realize that every conflict this planet has ever seen has been meaningless. Leonidas saw this as well, which was at a time where his death was imminent.

It was here that he saw he’d spent his life fighting for a cause that was never his, and he would meet his end without having experienced that which truly mattered to him. In the same vein, people who lose their lives to the wars of this world unfortunately forfeit their families to fight in someone else’s fight, and in the grand scheme of things the only that that was important were their families.

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