Assassin's Creed: 5 Side Characters Players Love In Odyssey (& 5 Who Are Just Annoying)

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With every Assassin’s Creed game that’s released comes a new story along with a bunch of supporting characters. Some of these have been quite memorable, such as the likes of Leonardo da Vinci and Niccolo Machievelli, while there have been others we just couldn’t wait to be written out. 

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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey continued this trend by having solid supporting characters we wanted to see more of, but also presented us with certain characters we found endlessly annoying or unlikeable. With that in mind, here are 5 of each of the most liked and most annoying characters in the game.

10 Love: Brasidas

A cooler entry there was none for any other character, as Brasidas exploded onto the scene by killing off a bunch of enemies like you’d never have expected. Rather than be a stereotypical musclehead Spartan, Brasidas instead had a softer demeanor.

This made him a great character to talk to since Brasidas opted for the calmer approach, which was always welcome since Assassin’s Creed Odyssey doled out violence a bit too much. Brasidas was also a rare character in that he was mainly presented as a firm friend rather than an enemy or a lover, meaning we appreciated him for what he represented.

9 Annoying: Deimos

Oh dear, just how terrible were the scenes with this character? It’s a good thing Deimos only showed up occasionally during the story, because the cutscenes featuring Deimos were frustrating to no end. Deimos had the most one-note characterization you could think of, and it never got better either.

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All Deimos ever did was be incensed at what happened during childhood, despite the Misthios telling the truth about 200 times or so. The dialogue didn’t get creative in any way, and Deimos’s role was basically to scream and kill people until the Misthios either spared Deimos’s life or got so annoyed that they decided to go for the kill.

8 Love: Barnabas

Here was a dear friend that never left our side through the game, with Barnabas also having an excellent characterization of his own. He was generally jovial whenever encountered, and this was very much appreciated due to the rest of the characters almost always being heavy-handed.

Barnabas’s storyline of finding his lost wife took us by surprise over how intriguing it was, with the twist reveal of his daughter bringing Barnabas’s softer side even more into view. Unlike most characters, Barnabas didn’t leave our side until the end.

7 Annoying: Phoibe

Sorry, even though you might think we’re being harsh over placing this little girl who died in the annoying pile, there’s no denying she really was annoying. After all, Phoibe’s appearance would halt the pacing of the story every time she popped up out of nowhere.

Besides, feisty kids always make for rather lame characters since it’s obvious the story wanted us to see Phoibe as the Misthios’s close friend just to kill her off. She wouldn’t have been that bad had she at least not turned up in places we wouldn’t expect her every couple of missions.

6 Love: Herodotos

Like Barnabas, Herodotos was a welcome friend to have, especially because he was a straight man among kooky individuals. It was nice to have someone who didn’t seek to annoy the player by talking in circles, and Herodotos kept to the point. 

He was also given his own character to draw from, as his storyline about losing his parents and being at odds with his brother kept us invested until it was over. When the time came to bid Herodotos farewell, there was a definite sense of loss since because we wouldn’t have our wise friend around anymore.

5 Annoying: Alkibiades

This guy was funny the first few times we came across him, but he had a painfully one-note manner that got extremely annoying each time the player had to talk to him. Eventually, all one wanted to do was to tell Alkibiades to shut it when he inevitably flirted with the Misthios.

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It would’ve been better had he at least been serious on a couple of occasions, but Alkibiades didn’t even once stop his attempts at flirtation.  It got to the point where we felt uncomfortable rather than amused.

4 Love: Sokrates

Originally, Sokrates came across as a high and mighty stuck-up character (unlike how we'd perceived Altair) who seemed to derive pleasure from talking in circles, but it took some insightful comments on his part for one to realize that Sokrates’s heart was in the right place.

He turned out to be one of the most reliable allies for the Misthios, as Sokrates was always readily available for assistance. After that, every query he brought up revealed a philosophical take behind it, and we came to appreciate these words of wisdom from a man who was ultimately one of the greatest minds to have ever lived.

3 Annoying: Stentor

We get that he was supposed to be a typical Spartan, but couldn’t they have given Stentor something of a character rather than just being perpetually angry? It was even worse in the scenario where we chose to kill Nikoloas, as all Stentor did in that angle was huff and puff like a wolf. 

Eventually, the hope was that Stentor would come upon a begrudging respect for the Misthios, but all he did was goad the Misthios into a fight to the death. By this point, the player was just happy to be rid of this guy and his frequent temper tantrums.

2 Love: Myrrine

The generic mother character that we thought we’d see when the game started was averted as Myrrine was revealed to be a lovely person who grew into a total badass. Like Deimos, Myrrine wasn’t in the main storyline for the most part, but we saw bits and pieces of her life which was enough indication that she dusted herself off and became a true leader.

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She had enough love to give out as well, though, as Myrrine’s relationship with the Misthios was a loving one where she affectionately treated her “lamb” the way a mother would a child she had desperately wanted to see for decades.

1 Annoying: Victoria

While her heart was in the right place, anytime Victoria spoke meant we were in for a boring cut away from the main action. On top of that, Victoria never seemed to have a clue as to what was going on. All she did was be amazed at some new information and then harp on about it.

In other instances, Victoria would make random conversation that had nothing to do with anything, and we just couldn’t wait until Victoria would stop talking so that we could get back to playing the game rather than waste time with Victoria’s nonsense.

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