The 5 Best Outfits In Assassin's Creed Odyssey (& The 5 Worst)

There are a number of different outfits you can obtain in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey to improve your character’s capabilities. Every outfit is considered a legendary set of armor that comes with some stunning abilities and perks.

Yet, not every outfit is made equally, as some are immensely powerful, while others are only mildly helpful. Admittedly, every outfit on this list is more powerful than mismatched pieces of common armor, but you may find the effort to obtain the weaker sets might not be worth your time when compared to others.

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10 Worst: Pilgrim

This was a tough entry as this outfit has a tremendous amount of utility. Its perk reduces the amount of adrenaline consumed by the Shadow Of Nyx ability by 40%. This allows players to remain invisible a lot longer to retreat, perform reconnaissance, or carry out assassinations.

The reason it doesn’t rank higher is because it doesn’t do a whole lot for combat. Sure, it provides great defense with a high armor stat, and the Assassin damage boosts are great, but it’s more for sneaking around than straight fighting.

9 Best: Agamemnon

Made for one of the greatest commanders in Greek mythology, Agamemnon’s set is a great outfit for melee brawlers. It has high defense stats and bonuses to warrior damage.

What really sells this armor, however, is the focus on improving fire damage over time. The entire set grants an additional burning rate of 50% and provides a number of boosts to fire damage and duration. For those who like to wield fire as they brawl with their enemies, this is a great set of armor.

8 Worst: Snake

The Snake set has some interesting perks and abilities for both assassins and warriors, but it takes too long for the DPS to take effect meaning it's easily outperformed by other sets.

It provides a +10% to poison damage and weakening effect and has decent armor stats with some boosts to assassin damage and poison damage. It’s useful for quickly knifing a target you don’t plan on one-hit killing (for some reason) or can whittle down tough opponents in a straight on fight, but, again, there are better sets for putting your opponents in the grave quickly.

7 Best: Athenian War Hero

The Athenian War Hero set has some great armor stats for keeping its wearer alive, but what makes this armor set really special is how much it boosts bow fighting. The armor’s perk causes all arrows to pierce shields when fired, which is tremendously useful when going against heavily armored opponents.

The other bonuses increase Hunter damage and provide boosts for headshots, charged shots, attacking Spartan Soldiers, and how long it takes to charge the bow. If you like to use your bow and engage in ranged combat, then this is a fantastic set of armor to use.

6 Worst: Greek Heroes

The Greek Heroes set is actually genuinely helpful in certain fights like the Conquest Battles or the Arena. Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide much use outside of those fights which is why it ranks so low.

The outfit’s perk provides a +20% to all resistances, has an okay armor stat, and layers on defensive bonuses like increased health, melee resistance, elemental resistance, and a 20% chance to ignore half of the damage being dealt. The reason it ranks so low is the damage output is outpaced by others. Unless you have a great weapon, you’re going to take a while to put down foes, not to mention it provides no benefit to stealth or bow fighting.

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5 Best: Spartan War Hero

This is a fantastic set of armor for those who like to wade into battle and send the blood flying. Its main perk provides a 15% damage bonus to all Warrior abilities.

Apart from this amazing perk, it also has a number of bonuses that increase your damage even further. Warrior damage is raised, critical hit chances and damage goes up, Overpower abilities that do damage get a bonus, and it’s ideally suited for hunting Athenian Soldiers. If your focus is cutting your foes down as quickly as possible, this is your set.

4 Worst: Master’s Artemis

The Master’s Artemis set is for bow snipers. The armor’s perk is a 15% boost to damage when using Hunter abilities. Where it suffers a little is the armor stat isn’t all that high when compared to others on the list.

It’s another outfit that does great at what it does, which is headshots with bows, but struggles elsewhere. It boosts bow charging speed, raises damage the further the target is, and provides 25% more adrenaline with headshot kills. Just don’t expect a lot of help in melee.

3 Best: Immortal

This outfit is stunning and helps the warriors wearing it live up to the legend of the Immortals. It has excellent armor stats with lots of bonuses to Warrior damage, critical hit chances on low health, and a 20% shot of adrenaline when performing a critical hit.

What makes this armor worth the effort of obtaining is the incredible perk. Upon death, the wearer will be reanimated with 20% health. With a two minute cool down, it’s fairly easy to avoid death with this set, as you’ll keep returning from the brink of death ready to fight, and you become more dangerous as you get closer to death’s door.

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2 Worst: Pirate

The Pirate set is useful for assassins, but, when stacked against the others, it ranks at the bottom. It’s armor rating isn’t that impressive compared to the other sets, and its perk provides +15% damage with assassin abilities.

It’s good for doing assassination missions, as the bonuses to Assassin damage and the critical hit chances, especially on full health, are great. There’s just not a lot of durability in a straight fight, and it doesn’t help at all with stealth, which you need to get the one-hit kill in the first place.

1 Best: Demigod

By far the best outfit in the entire game is the Demigod set. It isn’t obtained until later in the game, but it is acquired during a main quest, so you’re guaranteed to have it for the endgame. It has some of the best armor stats, and it’s bonuses raise your warrior damage by 75% and all forms of damage by 25% from the pieces alone!

The perk provides an awesome 10% damage boost to any damage dealt by any damage. You could argue there are better sets for individuals roles, such as Spartan War Hero for brawling or Master Artemis for headshots with a bow, but this armor remains powerful for every role. There’s little reason to take it off, and it’ll serve you well no matter what you’re doing.

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