If there’s one thing gamers are weary of, it’s when film studios decide to make a movie based on a video game. Let’s be honest, most of the time video game movies are not just disappointing, they’re downright terrible.

So when Ubisoft first announced the Assassin’s Creed movie, naturally the news was met with mixed feelings from fans of the franchise. Even when X-Men star Michael Fassbender was revealed to be playing the main character, gamers kept their cool.

One aspect of the movie Assassin’s Creed fans are interested in is the movie’s plot, and how it will relate to the games in the series. Fortunately, it looks like the movie will tie in nicely with the entire Assassin’s Creed universe, from the games to the books and comics.

Aymar Azaïzia, head of Assassin’s Creed content at Ubisoft, recently took to the Assassin’s Creed Twitter account to update fans about the movie.

It seems right that Ubisoft would set next year’s Assassin’s Creed movie in the same universe as the rest of the franchises assets. In fact, it would be a crime if they didn’t. Hopefully that means the movie will be able to capture the intrigue of the games, which is a big part of the franchise’s draw.

It’s also good to hear that the movie will present a new story, but that it will touch on aspects of the series, including Abstergo in modern day. In fact, according to Azaïzia, modern day is a key element in the franchise. Hopefully, though, the writers will recognize that many of those interested in the movie, including some serious Assassin’s Creed fans, may not be very familiar with all of Assassin’s Creed’s history and lore.

And even those who are familiar may not fully understand all of it. So it’s important that they present the story in a way that’s interesting for veterans of the franchise, as well as those who are new to Assassin’s Creed. That’s a lot of responsibility, but if anyone can do it, it’s the movie’s trio of screenwriters: Bill Collage, Adam Cooper, and Michael Lesslie, who all have a strong history in writing major motion pictures.

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Azaïzia discussed more than just the world in which the Assassin’s Creed movie will be set. He also explained that Fassbender’s character, Callum Lynch, will be a brand new character for the franchise. In his tweets, Azaïzia revealed his feelings about Lynch, as compared to other Assassin’s Creed characters. As Azaïzia puts it, Callum is “very different from Desmond, Clay or Daniel Cross, thank god”.

It’ll be interesting to see how Ubisoft shapes Lynch in the movie, and if he ends up transitioning into future Assassin’s Creed games, books, and comics.

What do you think about Azaïzia’s comments on the Assassin’s Creed movie? Are you excited to see it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Twitter