Assassin's Creed The Ezio Collection Arriving This Year


Ubisoft announces details and a release date for The Ezio Collection, a remastered bundle of the three Assassin’s Creed games starring Ezio Auditore da Firenze.

Ubisoft has confirmed that there won’t be a new Assassin’s Creed game in 2016, but that doesn’t mean that fans of the open-world stealth series won’t have plenty to enjoy this year. This December, fans will be able to see Assassin's Creed on the big screen with Michael Fassbender in the starring role. While many gamers are eager to meet Fassbender’s character Callum Lynch, a recent announcement from Ubisoft reveals that they’ll also be able to revisit a familiar friend soon. Today, Ubisoft confirmed a long held rumor of the forthcoming Assassin’s Creed The Ezio Collection.

In Ubisoft’s announcement, it revealed that The Ezio Collection will contain the three Assassin’s Creed titles that star Ezio Auditore da Firenze, which are 2009’s Assassin’s Creed 2, 2010’s Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, and 2011’s Assassin’s Creed: Revelations.


In addition to the three games, Ubisoft also says that all of the story expansions will be included, as well as Assassin’s Creed: Lineage (a short film that is a prequel to Assassin’s Creed 2), and Assassin’s Creed: Embers – an animated movie that takes place after the events of Assassin’s Creed: Revelations.

Ubisoft also promises that all three games will be remastered and feature “enhanced graphics”, though the company didn’t provide any specifics as to the resolution or framerate. One of the features that will be missing in the re-release is the hide and hunt multiplayer that debuted in Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. Ubisoft claims that it didn’t include the multiplayer because it wanted the single player to be the main focus of the collection, and that the most polished version of the multiplayer can still be played in Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag.

Assassin’s Creed The Ezio Collection is set to be released November 15th for PS4 and Xbox One and also includes a coupon for $8 off on a ticket to the Assassin’s Creed film. Ubisoft claims that, with The Ezio Collection, it is “giving fans a chance to catch up before the Assassin’s Creed movie – which unfolds in a different part of the world in roughly the same era.” While this seems to suggest a connection between the film and these three games, reports that the film will take place mostly in the present day makes this seem unlikely.

Other than the movie and The Ezio Collection, fans of the series also have the Assassin’s Creed VR experience to look forward to this year, though there’s been few details about the VR title since its announcement in March.

Assassin’s Creed The Ezio Collection is set to be released November 15, 2016 for PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Polygon

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