Assassin's Creed Director on Working for Ubisoft: 'I'm Not a Really Good Liar'

patrice desilets

Patrice Desilets has had a tumultuous history with his former employer Ubisoft, having served as creative director on Assassin's Creed to then leave the company, only to enter into a legal battle over the rights to a project known as 1666: Amsterdam. Now, he's shared some candid thoughts on the situation.

Desilets struggled with the manifold responsibilities that fall to the creative director of a franchise as large as the series spawned from Assassin's Creed. He didn't enjoy having to juggle his creative endeavors with the role he needed to play for press and the media.

"My biggest struggle with being in an organization is that I was the guy at the end or in the middle also," said Desilets. "I was the guy doing interviews like what we're doing right now and I had to come up with political lying and I would receive comments and decisions made by other people and not me because it's all about compromising when you're in a big organization somehow."


The designer admitted that he's "not a really good liar." He felt that he was working hard for Ubisoft without really being valued, and that took a toll on his personal life. When his girlfriend told him that he didn't seem happy working there, he decided to quit.

Desilets was creative director on Assassin's Creed, Assassin's Creed 2, and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. He's currently hard at work on Ancestors: The Humankind Odyseey at his new studio Panache, after which he will move onto 1666: Amsterdam, having regained control of the the property from Ubisoft last year.

The Assassin's Creed director's next project, Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey currently lacks an official release date.

Source: Gameology

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