Two 'Assassin's Creed Brotherhood' Character Trailers

Assassins' Creed Brotherhood Multiplayer Trailer Harlequin and Officer

Assassins' Creed Brotherhood takes gamers beyond the simple revenge plot of Ezio Auditore de Firenze and puts players into the action with its new multiplayer modes. While most would of course want to don the white robes of the brotherhood assassins, Ubisoft has put together a regular rogues gallery of enticing playable characters.

Two new trailers for the multiplayer show off the Officer and the Harlequin, each with their own unique weapons and methods of assassination.

As arguably the most interesting multiplayer character from a visual standpoint, the Harlequin is all about surgical precision when it comes to his assassinations. Using dual blades, the Harlequin can razzle and dazzle opponents before they even notice their life has been taken from them. His menacing yet playful mask hides beneath it a ruthless killer who will take you down in a carefully choreographed dance of death.


In stark contrast to the Harlequin, the Officer is the multiplayer character who may leave the most blood on the ground. His spear weapon is designed for the brutal kill that should be extremely satisfying to gamers who select him. While not as nimble as the Harlequin, the Officer has a wider variety of assassination tools to take enemies down in the multiplayer modes.


Going into next month, with so many hot titles to choose from for gamers, it will be a fight to the death in the multiplayer arena. Assassins’ Creed Brotherhood has many things going for it: a unique multiplayer experience, a compelling storyline that many want to delve deeper into, and characters whom we are already familiar and wish to spend more time with. If any of what you see of Brotherhood’s multiplayer looks enticing, hop onto your PlayStation Plus account and check out the Assassin's Creed Brotherhood beta. It’s a worthwhile and fun experience.

Which of these two multiplayer characters would you rather play as: the Officer or the Harlequin?

Assassins’ Creed Brotherhood releases November 16th for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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