'Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood' Story Trailers Take on History

Assassins Creed Brotherhood Story Trailers Ubisoft

If you've been following the news surrounding Ubisoft's upcoming return to the Mediterranean in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, then you know just how many tweaks and adjustments they have planned.

We've already told you about the new game modes and upgrading systems, and whether they are more your taste or not, it's clear there will be a good amount of new features when the game is released. Today, we're getting a taste of Brotherhood's story - in the form of a new trailer.

In all honesty, it's strange for a game to have this much advertising and promotion for months, yet still be able to reveal a few tricks up its sleeve. With the newest trailer, Ubisoft is granting an even closer look at the story lines and motivations that will drive the game. For those unfamiliar with the story of Assassin's Creed 2, the main narrative is more or less a revenge tale. The player embodies the character of Ezio Auditore da Firenze, son of a nobleman murdered by the Borgia family, led by Pope Rodrigo Borgia. While your journey through AC 2 ended before you could truly take your vengeance, Brotherhood picks up right where it left off.

The first of the videos will continue the tradition of releasing cinematically stunning vignettes as it gives a bit of context and a look at the moodiness of Brotherhood. If you thought that the game would only offer another trip to Italy, then you're in for a surprise:


From the first look, the developers are keeping up the practice of weaving the game's story through real historic events and times, which has been one of the best qualities of the series so far. Brotherhood looks to take it a step further, placing Ezio as a figure responsible for the fate of all of Italy.

The next vignette goes a bit deeper, explaining the surrounding world and figures that players will need to become familiar with, and how Ezio will become more than just an assassin:


The amount of storytelling going on here is enough to stand as a completely separate title, so it's a real bonus to already carry in the developments of AC 2. It was interesting enough to see the new system of territories and recruitment, but paints a completely different picture when it is placed in the context of the larger story. Upgrading was a welcome addition with your own villa in AC 2, and taking that to a much larger scale could scratch the RTS itch that many console gamers are all too familiar with.

History buffs and players who just enjoy assassinating people seem to have something to look forward to in Brotherhood's commitment to period architecture and weapon design - a major component in the immersive nature of the series. While you may have expected to lead a guild of assassins, the truth is that you will be leading a revolution. And hey, revolutions are always good in gaming.

Things just keep looking more promising where depth is concerned for Brotherhood, although many of you may simply be looking forward to the game for its multiplayer component. Not surprising, since we're looking forward to it as well.

We'll all get to take our own place in history when Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is released on the PS3 and Xbox 360 November 16th, and early next year on the PC.

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